Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DeKalb County, GA, Democrats elected this freak of nature to be my representative, at a rate of $174,000 per annum (plus, whatever kickbacks and bribes he can take). And he's actually a tad better than his predecessor, J-E-W-S McKinney.

Yes indeed, he appears to believe *islands* can tip over and capsize. That's likely happened on many of his acid trips. Compare and contrast his maunderings with the admirably restrained response from his interlocutor.

Democrats elected this man to be my/their representative.

Oh. Yes. This insane person *LOVES* him some ObamaCare.

Democrats. Jesus.

And yes, I realize that remarking on the insanity of my elected non-Representative marks me as a vicious, violent racist, or some such. Well, so be it.

Democrats. Jesus.

UPDATE: My non-Representative is claiming this exchange is an example of his sense of humor. Listening to it again and again, I am convinced the man is confused, completely out of his gourd. supporting this notion, others are remarking that he's sick. Well, if he's so sick that he's unable to be coherent, he really ought to step down. The fact that he wants his hands on the levers of power, despite his inability to be coherent, is one sign of what's wrong with our political system.


I just found out that since I oppose ObamaCare, I am a violent, vicious racist.

Who knew?

So, Waxman is calling in a bunch of CEOs to have them explain why they're conforming to SEC rules, given that such conformance immediately exposes the lies of The Won about health care reform.

Well, actually, what he wants them to do is not report the massive negative impact The Won, and the Democrat-run US Congress is having on the US economy.

Because, you know, if we ignore reality, it doesn't exist.

This is what happens when Democrats are in power. This is how the Community Reinvestment Act got passed (thank you, Jimmy Carter), and expanded (thank you, Bill Clinton), leading directly to the collapse of the real estate market in the US, and the current recession.

We're either dealing here with doctrinaire socialists, or complete ignoramuses - but I repeat myself.

Democrats. Jesus.

UPDATE: The head of HHS in Texas estimates ObamaCare will cost Texas $27 billion, rather than the $1.4 billion estimated by Mr Waxman. Maybe Texas should demand Mr Waxman testify about *his* numbers.

Democrats. Jesus.

Today The Won signed into law the "fix" for the health care reform bill he signed last week.

Barely mentioned? The bill included a government takeover of the student loan program. Bad enough, but the bill also gives tax advantages to people who take government loans, and then become government bureaucrats. Take all the student loans you want, go into government service, and after 10 years, your remaining debt is forgiven.

The cheering masses who approve this fail to realize that government doesn't generate wealth, it consumes it. Further, those masses fail to understand you get more of what you subsidize and less of what you tax.

Ultimately, we'll all be working for the government. Think of the sclerotic USSR, back in the 1970s. That's where we're headed.

Democrats. Jesus.

Monday, March 29, 2010

So, now that companies are counting the cost of The Won's health care reform, Henry Waxman is demanding explanations.

Apparently, when reality conflicts with Waxman, reality must be brow-beaten into submission.

The mind boggles. You just know there's going to be a Waxman/Hitler video about this.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Billion? Trillion? Whatever. As long as wealth is spread.

Just as with Jimmah Carter, we'll be counting the cost of The Won's demented agenda, decades after he's gone from office.

I listened to Shriekback a lot, back in the day, when I was conquering world communism.

Back then we were recovering from Jimmah, who had preached a sermon of diminution, and harking to Ronald and his the Shining City on the Hill.

Now we have Jimmah II, and another sermon of diminution.

Huh. Live long enough, and you'll see the same things, all over again.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, good thing The Won signed the ObamaCare into law, so we could find out what's actually in it.

Turns out, the whole pre-existing conditions thing for kids is not there .

Another Keystone Kops moment, from the professionals.

Though, you know, when I make mistakes they're goofs, whereas when Congress makes mistakes, they're law.

After April 1, The Won will have to go elsewhere to steal elections.

When not trotting out individuals who want to take money from me at gunpoint to pay for their health care, statists (i.e., Democrats) will often quote the example of Western Europe as example for the rightness and justness of confiscation from those who have, to give to those who haven't, in order to pay for things like, oh, health care.

Fair enough, but let's think a little more broadly. For example, how has Western Europe been able to pay for all these medical benefits? Three ways: confiscatory taxation (especially via the VAT), rationing, and elimination of its militaries. Of the three, it's the military angle that interests me.

Faced with the threat of the USSR, how is it that Western European countries were able to eliminate their militaries and spend the money instead on health care? Why, because they were behind the American aegis. Sure in the knowledge that Americans would die to defend Paris, or Bonn, or London, Western Europe began dismantling its military forces, and spending the money on bureaucrats to gather taxes and oversee the administration of health care rationing.

We're about to see the same thing here. The Imperial US Federal Government has never started an entitlement program that didn't immediately go massively over budget. Now that it's on the road to becoming the single payer for American health care, we can expect to see the military budget axed to pay for Peggy Joseph's liposuction, or some such.

If this is not worrying you, then you are obviously not a student of history (i.e., you are likely a Democrat).

If the US axes its military budget, if it retires itself from its military commitments around the world, what will happen?

Oh, sure, there are those who can't wait for the rise of China. Not gonna happen. China will grow old before it can grow rich. Russia's on a death spiral, and can only cause bits of trouble, like, oh, given nukes to the Iranians. The new Caliphate? Please. When your only technical innovation in a millennium is the suicide vest, your future looks bleak.

Previously, when America withdrew from the world, we got fascism and world war. In the wake of WWII, the US decided it had to engage the world to keep the world stable. And stable the world generally has been, for a lot longer than usual. Sure, it's tempting to turn a back on the world, especially given the general ungratefulness of the people who've been kept safe, but do we really want the consequences?

There is no superpower to take the place of the US. ObamaCare will eventually lead to the gutting of the US military, and the reduction of US world influence to about that of, oh, Sweden.

When that happens, who's going to step into the power vacuum? Yeah. Doesn't look pretty, does it? Still, that's what the Democrat Party has inflicted on us.

This administration really is Jimmy Carter II. We'll still be dealing with its screwups forty years from now.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Won is currently signing ObamaCare into law.

Preparing to sign the bill, he ended his remarks with words to the effect that ordinary people no longer have to worry about getting access to health care, because the government (i.e., the US taxpayer) will make sure it's available to all.

I am still left to wonder why someone's need gives automatic and absolute right to my wallet.

Beyond that, well, if you think health care is in trouble today, wait until the government is running it. Believe me, the day will come when more cry over this law than ever cheered it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

If the Federal government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me.

I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on this blog, and by any other means available to me.

I will fight this in the courts - if the DC Federal Fascists don't suspend the right to trial by jury.

I suspect - and hope - that millions of Americans will do the same.

In the end, they can't shoot us all.

Democrats. Jesus.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Walgreens will stop taking new Medicaid patients in Washington state as of April 16, saying it loses money filling their prescriptions.

You know, I wish the Democrats would make Medicaid work first, and *then* inflict Government health care on the rest of us.

Of course, this isn't about health care, this is about power. That, and saving The Won from collapsing like the cheap, empty suit he is.

Personally, I'm hoping to see senior citizens chasing down and beating "Dingy" Harry, Princess Pelosi, and other Democrats, the way they did Dan Rostenkowski, back in the day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mexican narco-traffickers, sensing weakness and fear in The Won start killing American government workers in Mexico.

You can expect a lot more of this in the next couple of years. Assorted punks around the world have taken The Won's measure, and intend to humiliate him.

Democrats. Jesus.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Won: America's first female President?

Sounds about right.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Greatest. Movie. Trailer. Ever.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Today, "Dingy" Harry Reid rolled out an 11 year old boy, Marcellus Owens, and had him tell the story of how his (unmarried) mother died of pulmonary hypertension. This exploitation of a minor in an attempt to guilt the US Congress into passing ObamaCare.

We were then informed by Dick Durbin that 70 people die every day for lack of ObamaCare.

Left out of the conversation? Well, in order to have ObamaCare pass CBO scrutiny, we'll be taxed to pay for it for four years before any benefits are handed out.

So, ObamaCare, as written, will kill approximately 4 * 70 * 365 == 102,200 Americans. Where's the fierce moral urgency to save these people?

Oh, and by the way, where was the father in all this? And why didn't the mother keep her legs together? And why does someone's misfortune give them an automatic claim on my earnings, said claim enforceable at the point of a Federal gun?

This morning on the way into work, I heard the news guy on AM 750, WSB, talk about the soon-to-be-formed "Coffee Party" movement. Apparently, a bunch of beta-males and alpha-females want government to have more control of our lives. Funny, I thought the Democrat party was organized for just that purpose.

Anyway, a question occurred to me: How long was the Tea Party movement in existence before the legacy media even acknowledged its existence? Yes, months!

I know, I know, I'm pointing out leftist bias in the legacy media, a game akin to shooting fish in a barrel. But still.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

If I understand it properly, until just now the Democrat strategy for passing ObamaCare was to amend a law that didn’t yet exist by passing a bill without voting on it.

That's *awesome*!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nancy Pelosi on Health Care: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it".

The Democrat party is now officially passed beyond mockery.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Those Israelis have a keen sense of humor.

I think The Won's "Bow, Scrape, Apologize - 2009" world tour neutered his foreign policy capabilities, and the call on Israel to end settlements sank him in Israeli public opinion.

Now, both the Iranians and the Israelis are publicly mocking him.

Hope! Change!

Monday, March 08, 2010

For those of you think China is a comer, well, read on.

(Tom Friedman, I'm looking at you...)

The Won went to Pennsylvania today and read words from his teleprompter to the effect that insurance companies are evil. As are Republicans. Straight out of the Alinsky playbook - isolate and demonize the opposition. Though, IIRC, the insurance companies were originally on board. In any event, the audience of union members clapped their flippers appreciatively, and blew on various horns.

At the same time, and doubtless as part of the relentless attack on free enterprise in this country, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services demanded three large insurance companies justify recent rate hikes. Were I the CEO of any of those companies, I would immediately issue a statement calling on the Secretary to consume excrement and expire.

The Won will be in Missouri tomorrow for another "Two Minutes Hate". Only union thugs are invited.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is at 10%, the debt is mounting, and The Won fiddles while it all burns.


Hmm. Apparently Dan Rather believes The Won couldn't even sell watermelon.

No word about fried chicken.

One sometime wonders what, exactly, is going on in the minds of liberals.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Government health care. Coming soon to the USA, courtesy of the Democrat party.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

My Uncle Joe served with these guys as part of the British Army on the Rhine (BAOR), back in the day. I don't think his brothers every really forgave him.

I used to work with a Mormon guy, a complete and utter racial bigot. In conversation, one time, I remarked that half my extended family is black, or at least reflects less light than most. He staggered back in shock, shrieking "What?!??!?!??!!!!!!"

But it's true. The wife's mother is from Trinidad, which is basically half African (from, you know, Africa), half Indian (from, you know, India), with traces of northern European whites, and Syrians.) (Yes, Syrians! They own the rag trade in the Caribbean.). My sister Teresa married a guy from Grenada. So, when you go poking around, I'm connected by marriage(s) to a lot of West Africa, and a bit of Latin America. How great is that??!??!?!!!!

You know, what I'm most proud of about my parents is that via my dad's military background, and my mom's medical background, none of us (their children) see people as other than people. None of us judge by skin color, but rather by actions.

And that's pretty damn good.

I have no idea why I wrote this. Except maybe that we're coming up on the anniversary of The Mother's death. Plus, I will be 48 this year, while The Father died at age 47. Forgive me, but the whole thing's putting a whammy on my head.

This is real art.

(Click the number above, and then the ">" below.)

This is the most beautiful description of satellite communications I've ever seen.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Racial bigotry in "post-racial" America.

(In the words of Jim, Huck Finn's slave, "Dem bitches can step!" But what does he know. Oh, and by the way, what's a black man doing looking at a white woman? Someone call Robert "Sheets" Byrd!!!!!)

Surely, The Won can add some Bud Light to the {m|f}ix.

(Some Computer Science is needed in order to fully grok this post.)

(Some Heinlein is needed in order to fully understand this post.)

(Ah, Heinlein.)

Islam: Not a religion of peace.

More a religion of pieces.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I blame Al Gore.

Monday, March 01, 2010

The Won visits his doctors:

The doctors also recommended "moderation of alcohol intake".

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