Monday, March 08, 2010

The Won went to Pennsylvania today and read words from his teleprompter to the effect that insurance companies are evil. As are Republicans. Straight out of the Alinsky playbook - isolate and demonize the opposition. Though, IIRC, the insurance companies were originally on board. In any event, the audience of union members clapped their flippers appreciatively, and blew on various horns.

At the same time, and doubtless as part of the relentless attack on free enterprise in this country, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services demanded three large insurance companies justify recent rate hikes. Were I the CEO of any of those companies, I would immediately issue a statement calling on the Secretary to consume excrement and expire.

The Won will be in Missouri tomorrow for another "Two Minutes Hate". Only union thugs are invited.

Meanwhile, the unemployment rate is at 10%, the debt is mounting, and The Won fiddles while it all burns.


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