Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DeKalb County, GA, Democrats elected this freak of nature to be my representative, at a rate of $174,000 per annum (plus, whatever kickbacks and bribes he can take). And he's actually a tad better than his predecessor, J-E-W-S McKinney.

Yes indeed, he appears to believe *islands* can tip over and capsize. That's likely happened on many of his acid trips. Compare and contrast his maunderings with the admirably restrained response from his interlocutor.

Democrats elected this man to be my/their representative.

Oh. Yes. This insane person *LOVES* him some ObamaCare.

Democrats. Jesus.

And yes, I realize that remarking on the insanity of my elected non-Representative marks me as a vicious, violent racist, or some such. Well, so be it.

Democrats. Jesus.

UPDATE: My non-Representative is claiming this exchange is an example of his sense of humor. Listening to it again and again, I am convinced the man is confused, completely out of his gourd. supporting this notion, others are remarking that he's sick. Well, if he's so sick that he's unable to be coherent, he really ought to step down. The fact that he wants his hands on the levers of power, despite his inability to be coherent, is one sign of what's wrong with our political system.

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