Friday, March 12, 2010

Today, "Dingy" Harry Reid rolled out an 11 year old boy, Marcellus Owens, and had him tell the story of how his (unmarried) mother died of pulmonary hypertension. This exploitation of a minor in an attempt to guilt the US Congress into passing ObamaCare.

We were then informed by Dick Durbin that 70 people die every day for lack of ObamaCare.

Left out of the conversation? Well, in order to have ObamaCare pass CBO scrutiny, we'll be taxed to pay for it for four years before any benefits are handed out.

So, ObamaCare, as written, will kill approximately 4 * 70 * 365 == 102,200 Americans. Where's the fierce moral urgency to save these people?

Oh, and by the way, where was the father in all this? And why didn't the mother keep her legs together? And why does someone's misfortune give them an automatic claim on my earnings, said claim enforceable at the point of a Federal gun?

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