Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So, Waxman is calling in a bunch of CEOs to have them explain why they're conforming to SEC rules, given that such conformance immediately exposes the lies of The Won about health care reform.

Well, actually, what he wants them to do is not report the massive negative impact The Won, and the Democrat-run US Congress is having on the US economy.

Because, you know, if we ignore reality, it doesn't exist.

This is what happens when Democrats are in power. This is how the Community Reinvestment Act got passed (thank you, Jimmy Carter), and expanded (thank you, Bill Clinton), leading directly to the collapse of the real estate market in the US, and the current recession.

We're either dealing here with doctrinaire socialists, or complete ignoramuses - but I repeat myself.

Democrats. Jesus.

UPDATE: The head of HHS in Texas estimates ObamaCare will cost Texas $27 billion, rather than the $1.4 billion estimated by Mr Waxman. Maybe Texas should demand Mr Waxman testify about *his* numbers.

Democrats. Jesus.

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