Friday, March 19, 2010

If the Federal government takes over health care, I will refuse to buy their package, refuse to pay the fine imposed, and make them arrest me.

I will broadcast my refusal to cave to socialism on this blog, and by any other means available to me.

I will fight this in the courts - if the DC Federal Fascists don't suspend the right to trial by jury.

I suspect - and hope - that millions of Americans will do the same.

In the end, they can't shoot us all.

Democrats. Jesus.

Yo, Where were you when Bush was passing the unfunded Prescription Drug benefits program?
Stop being so fucking melodramatic! Just so you can measure how wrong you are and in order to bring some objectivity to your hysteria - which date will the Government force you to switch to their coverage?
I'm pretty sure that, back in the day, I railed against President Bush and the Republican Party, because of their free-spending ways.

As far as the switching to the government single payer system, I expect it'll happen in the next five years. There's nothing to demand it today, there's everything to force it in the future.
The Republican President lied and said there were WMDs in Iraq, and was wrong. The Republicans were lying and saying that this health legislation was a WMD for the US economy and now they will be proven wrong again.

Hey, btw, don’t you think if this legislation was such a disaster for the US economy, you would have seen the free market Wall street to sell and Dow Jones to tank the first day after the passage of the bill? Guess what, the market is up!

War mongers and doomsayer will always be wrong.

Onwards and forwards with much needed Financial reform, Immigration reform (Obama is not a wimp like Bush and will get it done!!), Education reform and other corrections in our country. YES WE CAN!!!
Dear Lord! It's all still Bush's fault?!?!?!!!!

Anyway, IIRC, back in the day there was any number of Democrats saying Hussein had WMDs. Only when it became convenient as a mechanism for attacking the President did these various statements go down the memory hole.

The market is up for one day, and that means that reorganizing one-sixth of the US economy has been successful? Words fail me. It'll be years before we fully grasp the damage that's been done to us. The one upside is that this will likely accelerate the bankruptcy of the country which will, in turn, demonstrate the complete bankruptcy of Democrat ideas.

(BTW, and for comparison purposes, we just had a cold winter. Does this mean "Global Warming" is over?)

As for the rest, well, welcome to the United Socialist States of America. If you want to visualize Obama's American future, look at France: Over-regulated, enervated, unable to project power, committing demographic suicide.

Still, perhaps the upcoming Republican landslide will slow this, temporarily.
Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act was passed in 2003, your blogs were too busy celebrating the Iraq war and your ass, for the record, did not make a peep in protest of that unfunded mandate. Just admit it, you are just a Republican hypocrite.

When negative comments came out on companies like Lehman Brothers and Enron, the markets reacted immediately and their stock dropped precipitously. If this bill was such a guaranteed anathema to our economy (such that it would lead, as you think, to some people getting shot) wall street would have surely moved cash out.

It’s people like you who spew vitriol that is sadly causing this country to deteriorate.
I bow to your caustic wisdom.

I also await the age of enlightenment about to overtake us, as The Won works his magic.

(I'm also trying to figure out how to move my retirement funds offshore. Not that that's here nor there.)
Re: "They can't shoot us all" - I hope someone yells fire in a theater where you and your children, wife and the entire family are in and all of you die in the stampeed, you stupid sob.
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