Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today I saw a bumper sticker that read "Kick the Kenyan."

The crowd that started the "Chimpy Bushitler MacHalliburton and His Smirky Rodeo Ride Through History" meme were only sowing the wind, I'm afraid.

When pricing algorithms go bad:

I'll take a used one, please.

The way I've gone hog wild buying $0.99 texts for my new Kindle 2 (Thanks, Mrs. LivinInAmerica!) has obviously convinced some algorithm or another that I am made of money.

Friday, August 28, 2009

How long, exactly, are Democrats going to put up with Charlie Rangel's sleaze?

BTW, If he can "forget" a million dollar house, just how much wealth is he rolling in?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Apparently Mapes knew Bush volunteered to serve in Vietnam, but kept it quiet.

Not that this will ever influence "Teh Narrative," or anything.

Democrats are all about whatever lies serve their purposes.

Thank God Republicans - unlike Democrats - are willing to deal on the basis of honesty, civility, and restraint. The political process does need adults, after all.

Question asked.

Question answered: "Glub. Glub. Let me breath just a few moments more, God, please."

Next time someone askes you to give more in taxes to support schools - "for the children" - slap them with this.

And remember, teacher unions will become interested "in the children" when the children become union members, and not one second before.

Compare this and this.

The difference? Apart from the dead body, party affiliation, and dedication to killing unborn children, obviously.

Oh, and who gets to write the history.

Ted Kennedy was an unabashed abuser of women, who got where he got on name recognition, and stayed where he stayed because of his willingness to vote death to unborn children. He was a disgusting human being who led a debauched life. He tried to assuage his conscience by freely spending other people's money (the FIRST refuge of Democrats, incidentally), and I'm happy to see him gone. Let's pray that his death takes the entire Kennedy criminal enterprise completely out of American public life.

May he burn in hell forever, as he very richly deserves, the murdering bastard.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Real US unemployment rate at 16 pct: Fed official.

So, after a disgraceful $410 billion, pork-laden last hurrah from the Bush Administration (passed into law by this administration), and another $787 billion in spending to satiate pent-up Democrat demand, we have unemployment at one-in-six.

And it'll only get worse. US businesses can see what this socialist has in store for them, so they're firing as fast as they can, especially with card check waiting in the wings. This guy is Jimmy Carter II. He's spending to the point where the Chinese are cutting up his credit cards, and he intends policies that have businesses firing workers preemptively. Welcome to Stagflation II.

Well. If I were the President, I'd immediately distract everyone by investigating the CIA. Oh. Wait.

One termer. Solid. Not smart enough for anything else. Oh, and that mean streak, a mile wide? Yeah, another Carter trait.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not really sure what to say about this.

Except maybe she should have started with her rapist husband, a long time ago.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

My 1997 Ford Exploder died a couple of weeks back.

I'd driven to work that day. At lunch I went to a funeral in Snellville (mother of Mrs LivinInAmerica's best friend). Driving home from work that evening, I was thinking about stopping at The Old Mill in Chamblee for a couple of pints when I noticed the Exploder was losing power and all sorts of previously unknown lights were flashing up at me from the dashboard. I pulled over, but not to go to the pub.

Safely (well, as safe as you can be on top end I-285 in Atlanta at rush hour) off the road, I called Mrs LivinInAmerica. No response. Obviously commiserating with the BFF. OK. Called AAA. Tow in place in 30 minutes. Hauled the Exploder to the Tim Stewart Ford dealership on PIB, inside I-285. Unloaded it and filled out an after-hours work order. Used my Breeze card to get the rest of the way home on MARTA. (I am *such* a boy scout. "Semper Paratus" - "Always a Parrot" - as the USCG has it.)

Talked next day to the maintenance techs: blown head gasket. Cost of repair: greater than value of car. Silver lining: engine will run long enough to be killed with sodium silicate. So, cash-for-clunkers candidate.

Mrs LivinInAmerica hates the Exploder. Too much a truck. Even though a new Exploder is not in my future, I'm enough of a "Buy American" bigot that I wanted a Ford of some sort (given that I won't buy from government motors), so we went shopping at the Exploder's mortuary, Tim Stewart Ford.

Mrs LivinInAmerica liked the Ford EDGE. "It's so *you*, but it drives like a car." Yeah. OK.

So, while we're figuring things out, I'm using MARTA to get to work and back, the Exploder's parked on the street in front of the house, and the Obama administration is completely screwing up the cash-for-clunkers program. It's a sort of dry run for health care reform, I guess. You know, to get us used to the death-inducing Charlie-Foxtrots we can expect when the VA (Motto: "We Hate Vets!") is providing health care to all of us. But I digress.

This past Friday, the Obama administration declared an end to cash-for-clunkers. Mrs LivinInAmerica went into overdrive to figure out what we should do. Another drive scheduled in a Ford EDGE. Meanwhile, I'd been looking at other options.

On Friday evening we drove an EDGE for a second time. The way I wanted it (leather, gps, satellite radio), it was a $40,000 car. While on the test drive, we (me and Mrs LivinInAmerica) realized that the interior ceiling was coming away from the car's roof. A 2010 Ford EDGE, a $40,000 car, and the interior was falling in on us.

After, we went to CarMax and tested a 2007 Honda Pilot with leather, gps and satellite radio. We bought it immediately. Despite being about three years older, the fit and finish were an order of magnitude better, for thousands of dollars less. Despite Ford rebates and cash-for-clunkers, a second-hand, three model-year old Japanese car was better than what I saw on the Ford lot.

So. I have a new SUV. And it's not an American brand.

Sic transit gloria mundi, or some such.

The Exploder? I'll either donate it to charity, or sell it for parts.

Given my history with cars, this is probably the second-to-last car I'll ever buy. I'm not sure what that means, completely. It definitely means Ford lost a once in a decade sale. Enough of those and, well, you don't exist any more, do you?

Jeezus. Interior detaching? On a new car? BTW, I got 251,886 miles out of the late lamented Exploder. Would I get that from the new, interior-detaching Ford EDGE?

(BTW, The maintenance techs at the Ford Dealership On Peachtree Industrial Boulevard Inside The Perimeter, currently styled "Tim Stewart Ford," have always been consummate professionals. They always took good care of me, and I am sorry to be leaving them.)

Jesus! The man's representative lied to him, in his face, and then walked the lie back. DAMN!!!!! LIE BY DEFAULT, THEN WALK THE LIE BACK!!!!! Democrats are dicks. Complete dicks.

Democrats are shameful.

How, exactly, can Democrats hold their heads high in public, given that they are complete dicks, complete liars? LIARS!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Uh oh.

And he's got another three-and-a-half years to go. This isn't going to be pretty.

There's a Simpsons quote out there somewhere. Something like "And now that I'm President, I don't bring you hope and change. I bring you fear, famine, pestilence and..."

Name that party!

(Hint: If this was a Republican scandal, you'd know it.)

UPDATE: From the comments:

"Rebecca Vigil-Giron's party affiliation is absolutely relevant to this story (as some readers have pointed out below) and should have been included in the original version posted. The story has since been updated to include her status as an ex-Democratic Party elected official.

David Alire Garcia
NMI State Editor"

Mmmmmmmmmmm. That sweet sexy taste of the public holding legacy media propagandists responsible.

What's that line? "You'd better start swimming, or you'll sink like a stone..."

I'm afraid The Won is too stupid, and too arrogant to learn. Pity, that. Still, it's what you get when your career is one long legacy media orgasm.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A few days ago I noted this post. I remarked at the time that it contained more sense than most Democrats could handle.

As day follows night, a leftist stood up on his hind flippers, clapped his front flippers together, tooted his horn, and declared a boycott.

So. I guess it's no free speech, unless you use your free speech to support The Won Who Has Been Promised Us At This Time.

But that's just silly. I mean, where will the Whole Foods crowd shop otherwise? They won't be at Kroger or Publix. I mean. c'mon! Rub shoulders with the hoi polloi!?!?!!!! As if!!!!

I remember, one time, when Hosea Williams was threatened with loss of his driving license (for whatever). His plea to the judge (well documented) was "How am I supposed to get around? Take MARTA?"

As a good liberal, he was perfectly happy to tax-and-spend his supporters into the penury that afforded them no mobility except public transport, yet he had no intention of being down there with them in the stews. A big pig Caddy for him, with the drinks and girls to go along was what he demanded. Nothing else would do. Oh, he was a Democrat, BTW, in the style of Al Sharpton, but without the blood on his hands. (You know: Freddie's Fashion Mart, Tawana Brawley.)

And so it is with all leftists, including the Whole Foods crowd: "How am I supposed to get around? Take MARTA?"

Enjoy the arugula. The right wing cabal will save your health care system for you.

Democrats. Jesus. Exasperation.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


If you want to visit Holland, best do it now. In another 20 years it'll be shariah and suicide bombers.

Pity that. I hope Dutch museums are doing deals like the Louvre's doing with American museums like the High - to have as much of their cultural heritage as possible outside the country when the taliban show up to pull another Bamyan.

"Don't you know who I am?"

Oh. Sorry. Wrong racial incident.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Back in the day, when Edwards was running against Obama and Clinton for the nomination, the legacy media completely ignored this story.

Edwards failed to get the nomination, for loads of reasons (this not the least), but can you imagine if he'd gotten the nomination, only to have the bastard child story come out the next day?

Having the legacy media cover for you is not always a good thing.

It just occurred to me that he reason Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, et al., are denouncing Obamacare opponents with terms like "swastikas," "astroturf," and "evil mongers" is that theu don't want the tactics they used against the previous administration used on them.

So, a competition.

The Democrat slander against President Bush was something like "Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton's Smirky Rodeo Ride Through History." I think that about covers it. What would be a similar slander against The Won Who Has Been Promised Us At This Time?

Oh, and speaking of "evil," when President Bush described the perpetrators of 9/11 as "evildoers," he was almost universally mocked by a legacy media that has no time for terms like "evil." So, why isn't Reid getting mocked? Oh. right. Democrat.

Oh, and look how far we've come: Time was, the "Axis of Evil" was North Korea, Iran, and Iraq. Now it's senior citizens and ordinary taxpayers, opposed to government takeover of 16% of the economy. Seems to me the Global War on Terror must have accomplished *something*.

The reason Fox News exists, and does so well, is that the rest of the legacy media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. And Americans have become tired of the refried bullshit it serves up.

These days, I watch the evening news and listen to the various pretty people attempt to amplify the message they've been given by their Democrat masters, and I just laugh at them. They've lost their monopoly as a source of news and the one-sided commentary they produce is laughable when you can google topics and then see what a world of reporters and commentators makes of those topics.

So, you've got a product nobody wants. A product so bad that people voluntarily gather to criticize it.

What to do?

Well, God forbid you improve the product. No, run more ads.

No, this is not about American cars.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Democrats lie (and sometimes get called on their lies).

Still, they haven't yet reached the wretched excess of those they admire most - European socialists. So far, they've not gone beyond sending union thugs to beat up a non-authentic black man.

Give them time, however. Saul Alinsky and the Chicago Way will eventually out.

Given the stream of broken election promises, I think it's time to start saying "Obama lied, people died." Or maybe "Every word he says is a lie, including 'and' and 'the',"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How very odd! Apparently, socialism drives out capitalism.

And the workers are left, well, impoverished.


At least they're not being starved to death by the state. Yet.

Tell me again, who was that NYT reporter who got the Pulitzer for covering up Stalin's famine in Ukraine? Duranty?

Anyway, if Democrats have their way, in a few years, they'll have a government death board telling us whether we qualify for health care to extend life, given advanced age, and a few years after that the same board will be telling us whether we - living or to be born - qualify for anything at all, given our current and expected contributions to the proletariat.

And not a dollar in your pocket will alter your fate. Cap-and-tax will have abolished all the flights you might have used to your dream clinic in Mexico, and ObamaCare will have done its job here.

Best fight the power. Now. Here.

There's too much good sense here for any good Democrat to take notice. Democrats are immune to good sense. All that matters is grinding down individuals until they're grist in the common paste. Democrats *hate* individuality. If you're not in the Borg, you're evil and must be destroyed.

Because, you know, the sooner the kulaks are slaughtered, the sooner we will arrive at socialist heaven on earth.

(Which, after 100 million dead in the twentieth century, got socialists, what, exactly?)

Under Comrade NapoleonObama, this is where we are headed.

Please aim to misbehave.

Dem Rep Who Opposes Photo ID To Vote Requiring Photo ID For Town Halls.

Let's face it: Democrats want to be royalty floating on top of a peasantry made up of illegal immigrants and dispossessed Americans.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

It just occurred to me: my name may well be in an email to flag@whitehouse.gov.

I wonder if the FOIA applies to such notes?

(Yes, I *am* looking at you. ObamaStasi pig.)

If Ken Gladney was authentically black (i.e., a supporter of The Won Who Has Been Promised Us At This Time), he'd now be one of the most famous men in America.

The legacy media have no interest in a conservative black man beaten up my union thugs.

Because they've no interest in reporting the news. They're all about the propaganda.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

It's funny because it's true.

Friday, August 07, 2009

This evening, as I was driving home, I caught an interview Denis O'Hayer of WPBA got from my US Representative, Hank Johnson, about health care reform.

You know what struck me most about the interview? Not the substance. Rather, the form.

Since being elected, my US Representative, Hank Johnson, is sounding more and more like the late Rev. Dr Martin Luther King. Odd, given that Hank Johnson is a Buddhist, not a Baptist, and certainly not a preacher.

Just listen to him when he talks. It's MLK, all over, except the story is about getting cockroaches out of your basement, rather then guaranteeing your right to vote.

This tiny little man is cloaking himself in the speech of a giant. Probably trying to add gravitas to himself.

Oh, and for what purpose? Oh, to make sure the world understands that those who don't stand with him on socializing American health care are Bull Connor with dogs and water hoses, or George Wallace at the school house door. He also described objecting to socializing health care as a sort of lynching of himself. And he proclaimed himself ready to deal with all these challenges appropriately.

Lynching? Oy vay! Expressing yourself to your US Representative is now "lynching." I will say kudos to O'Hayer that he questioned the "lynching" bit in a voice filled with shock and disbelief.

US Representative Hank Johnson is a tiny facsimile of a man, playing the race card in a mighty voice, in order to relieve the pressure Nancy Pelosi has on his testicles.

And *that* is health care reform: An army of pygmies, their testes in Pelosi's vice, attempting to operate a gigantic machine.

Yeah, that'll work.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oddly enough, Democrats can be venal. Who would have thought?!?!?!!!

I look forward to the ethics complaints against, oh, Rangel, Frank, and Dodd, for a start.

Likely not to happen, since the party in power - Democrat - has a will to power that's way beyond what the party of relative honesty - Republican - can muster, being as how the Republicans actually play by their rules, whereas the Democrats will throw the rule book out the window so they can screw you any way available.

Still. Mid-term elections.

My US Representative, Hank Johnson, is to have a town hall meeting on socializing health care.

So far, this scumbag of an elected official has voted to raise this year's deficit to $1.8 trillion; to raise the cost of electricity, gas, hell, all energy we consume; and now he's getting ready to force health care rationing on us, complete with euthanasia for the elderly and seriously ill.

I'm going to show. And I aim to misbehave.

Now that The Won has recognized the stolen election in Iran (and who better to recognize a stolen election?); now that The Won has signaled to the Mullahs that Iran can have its weapons of genocide against Israel, expect Israel to nuke Iran within the year.

This disaster given to you by The Won, and the Democrat Party of the USA.

Oh and the 53% who voted for The Won, and the legacy media.

So, when the disaster eventually occurs, be sure the majority will be standing around, befuddled, saying to itself "Well, didn't see *that* coming."


Mind you, there was a time when DISSENT WAS THE HIGHEST FORM OF PATRIOTISM!!!!!

Of course, at that time the President was a Rethuglican. Now that the socialist is in power, DISSENT MUST BE CRUSHED!!!!! OBEY, YOU FUCKING RETHUGLICANS!!!!! THE WON WON, DAMMIT!!!! SO ROLL OVER AND TAKE IT IN THE ASS!!!!!

UPDATE: The Won is human. He'll die, eventually. He'll surely be out of office in less than eight yesrs. For which, yay!

It's funnybelievable because it's true.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Still love this ad.

Here's something to keep in mind, the next time GM approaches the Imperial Federal Government, looking for a handout.

Oh, and BTW, you understand the Imperial Federal Government has no money, except that which it takes from you at gunpoint.

And if you think taxes are not extracted at gunpoint, try resisting.


Now, are you ready to take that next bailout lying down?

UPDATE: Cute!! A Farago talking about a farrago.

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