Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A few days ago I noted this post. I remarked at the time that it contained more sense than most Democrats could handle.

As day follows night, a leftist stood up on his hind flippers, clapped his front flippers together, tooted his horn, and declared a boycott.

So. I guess it's no free speech, unless you use your free speech to support The Won Who Has Been Promised Us At This Time.

But that's just silly. I mean, where will the Whole Foods crowd shop otherwise? They won't be at Kroger or Publix. I mean. c'mon! Rub shoulders with the hoi polloi!?!?!!!! As if!!!!

I remember, one time, when Hosea Williams was threatened with loss of his driving license (for whatever). His plea to the judge (well documented) was "How am I supposed to get around? Take MARTA?"

As a good liberal, he was perfectly happy to tax-and-spend his supporters into the penury that afforded them no mobility except public transport, yet he had no intention of being down there with them in the stews. A big pig Caddy for him, with the drinks and girls to go along was what he demanded. Nothing else would do. Oh, he was a Democrat, BTW, in the style of Al Sharpton, but without the blood on his hands. (You know: Freddie's Fashion Mart, Tawana Brawley.)

And so it is with all leftists, including the Whole Foods crowd: "How am I supposed to get around? Take MARTA?"

Enjoy the arugula. The right wing cabal will save your health care system for you.

Democrats. Jesus. Exasperation.

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