Thursday, August 27, 2009

Compare this and this.

The difference? Apart from the dead body, party affiliation, and dedication to killing unborn children, obviously.

Oh, and who gets to write the history.

Ted Kennedy was an unabashed abuser of women, who got where he got on name recognition, and stayed where he stayed because of his willingness to vote death to unborn children. He was a disgusting human being who led a debauched life. He tried to assuage his conscience by freely spending other people's money (the FIRST refuge of Democrats, incidentally), and I'm happy to see him gone. Let's pray that his death takes the entire Kennedy criminal enterprise completely out of American public life.

May he burn in hell forever, as he very richly deserves, the murdering bastard.

You are a foolish man.

You do realize that wikipedia is editable by anybody, yourself included. Feel free to append Bob Packwood's wikipedia entry with the pages of his life achievements that rival Ted Kennedy's.

Oh, let me guess...Wikipedia is part of the vast left wing conspiracy and your edits would get redacted.
Please try posting a PC-incorrect post anywhere on wikipedia, and see how long it lasts.

You do understand that Ted Kennedy treated every woman he ever met as something to either clean or lubricate his penis, right?

The article on him makes that clear, but the emphasis is such that it seems Ted was doing American womanhood a favor by ejaculating on it.

Whereas, Bob Packwood? What? He had hooks in his penis? What?

Democrats. Pigs.

I get it now!
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