Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How very odd! Apparently, socialism drives out capitalism.

And the workers are left, well, impoverished.


At least they're not being starved to death by the state. Yet.

Tell me again, who was that NYT reporter who got the Pulitzer for covering up Stalin's famine in Ukraine? Duranty?

Anyway, if Democrats have their way, in a few years, they'll have a government death board telling us whether we qualify for health care to extend life, given advanced age, and a few years after that the same board will be telling us whether we - living or to be born - qualify for anything at all, given our current and expected contributions to the proletariat.

And not a dollar in your pocket will alter your fate. Cap-and-tax will have abolished all the flights you might have used to your dream clinic in Mexico, and ObamaCare will have done its job here.

Best fight the power. Now. Here.

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