Friday, August 07, 2009

This evening, as I was driving home, I caught an interview Denis O'Hayer of WPBA got from my US Representative, Hank Johnson, about health care reform.

You know what struck me most about the interview? Not the substance. Rather, the form.

Since being elected, my US Representative, Hank Johnson, is sounding more and more like the late Rev. Dr Martin Luther King. Odd, given that Hank Johnson is a Buddhist, not a Baptist, and certainly not a preacher.

Just listen to him when he talks. It's MLK, all over, except the story is about getting cockroaches out of your basement, rather then guaranteeing your right to vote.

This tiny little man is cloaking himself in the speech of a giant. Probably trying to add gravitas to himself.

Oh, and for what purpose? Oh, to make sure the world understands that those who don't stand with him on socializing American health care are Bull Connor with dogs and water hoses, or George Wallace at the school house door. He also described objecting to socializing health care as a sort of lynching of himself. And he proclaimed himself ready to deal with all these challenges appropriately.

Lynching? Oy vay! Expressing yourself to your US Representative is now "lynching." I will say kudos to O'Hayer that he questioned the "lynching" bit in a voice filled with shock and disbelief.

US Representative Hank Johnson is a tiny facsimile of a man, playing the race card in a mighty voice, in order to relieve the pressure Nancy Pelosi has on his testicles.

And *that* is health care reform: An army of pygmies, their testes in Pelosi's vice, attempting to operate a gigantic machine.

Yeah, that'll work.

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