Monday, March 30, 2009

10 terms not to use with Muslims.

Because, you know, you don't want them slicing your head off with a kebab knife.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's the proper Republican reply to Obama, and his doctrinaire Marxist party:

Of course, I'm always going to love this guy:

GOD!!!!!! Love this guy:

Time for me to move to Winchester, UK. This is my sort of representative.

Maxine Waters (D, Antisemite) is one of the stupidest and most despicable members of a pretty stupid and despicable body.

Mind you, she was elected. Representative Democracy: it's a rich tapestry.

Reuters fails to realize the slobbering love affair is over.

BTW: Did you catch those reporters last night asking The One why he should be trusted? Six months ago, such blasphemy would have resulted in public stoning.

Obama deficits vs. Bush deficits. Assuming the happy case that his cabinet pays its taxes, Pete Stark's residency issues get resolved, Chris Dodd doesn't get any more dodgy mortgages, Barnie Frank doesn't take any more kickbacks from FNMA, etc.

Monday, March 23, 2009


If memory serves, I predicted Obama would be Carter II, even before he was elected.

Two months in, the slobbering love affair is over, and yes, he's being referred to as the second coming of Jimmah.

I think I get it.

Politicians don't mind high taxes, because politicians don't pay taxes.

BTW: Am I the only one wondering how these guys afford these palaces on their government salaries?

Friday, March 20, 2009

I expected this.

I miss W.

Oh, by the way, notice that the reporting is from the UK press. The slobbering love-affair types in the US legacy media can't be bothered to report on this.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Look carefully: Canada Geese in my door rear-view mirror. They're munching on the grass in the median, oblivious of the traffic.

Not the best picture, I know, but all I had to hand was my Android phone.

Another great reason to own shares of LED manufacturers.

The President has a blog.

Murtha channels South Park.

When it comes to culture of corruption, the Republicans are pikers.

Heckuva job, Timmy!

China votes no confidence in The One.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I withdraw ny remarks of some moments ago: Obama has not even mastered the teleprompter.

I miss W.

So, if this is right, Democrats in the House and Senate, flush with AIG cash, amended the bailout bill to make sure AIG execs would get all their bonuses, and The One, flush with AIG cash, signed the entire festering pile o' dung into law, and only *now* are they complaining.

Oh, sunlight. A commodity not really in use in the Chicago back rooms familiar to The One Who Has Been Promised Us. Pity, that.

Congratulations folks, we're in the era of rule by headline.

Obama: Empty suit, blowing wherever the wind takes him. History as indicator, we will have outrages and dead bodies in the next three years that a Republican will have to clean up. Foreigners who hate us are watching this. They'll soon be leadin him arond by the nose, with violent headline after violent headline.

Ah well. Democrats.

So, Mr President, the money AIG didn't give you or yours, where did that go?

Oh. Right. All those European banks. Let's go back and look at what Dodd had to say about them, shall we? I mean, before he sells that multimillion-dollar "cottage" in the West of Ireland, ok? And before Barclays hides what it did for him, ok?

Never before in human history has a political party gone so fast from decrying a culture of corruption to being the culture of corruption.

And yes, there is a Churchillian thing lurking, but I'm tired.

Yes we can!

You know, continue the slide into the collectivist maw.

For the children!

I mean, what could possibly go wrong? For myself, under the guidance of our Leader, Comrade Obama, I have laid five eggs in six days! Yummy!

Hypocrite in Chief.

The Democrats currently in power came to power, well, already so corrupt they were bound to melt down like this.

Pity 'bout the rest of us, of course. I mean, since the Kleptocrats in power have a monopoly on force, well, the rest of us are all a bit screwed, sorry to say.

Democrats. Ugh.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wow! That whole Obama team, tin-eared at best.

Complete boobs at worst.

Still, it is a Change. Though, Hope, you know, fading fast.

Oh, BTW, has anyone else noticed Iran's growing ties to Nicaragua? Oh. Right. Another story of no interest to the US legacy media.

Russians in Venezuela, Iranians in Nicaragua. I'm sure it bodes nothing, nothing at all.

I am reminded that this is St. Patrick's Day. If memory serves, custom dictates I drink heavily and bark at the moon, or some such.

Questions occur:

(a) In terms of the drinking and the barking, how is this different from any other day?

(b) Am I the only one who's noticed that America's two big pissups - Cinquo de Mayo and St. Patrick's Day - were contributed by Roman Catholic countries?

(c) What the hell is it about being Irish, anyway?

Take a look at this, and the description of Inishbofin. I had a softer upbringing, but I lived, and occasionally worked, side-by-side with people who didn't get electricity until the late 1970s. Most of the agriculture was by hand, and it was dirty, dangerous work.

Then there was the constant rain, the religion, the self-medication of depression with alcohol, the whole alphabet soup of paramilitaries killing each other, random civilians, police, and British soldiers.

So, like the people mentioned, I don't have terribly loving memories of Ireland either. Actually, when I left Ireland, this song was the idea I brought with me. Written by an Irishman too, as I recall.

Mind you, the older I grow, and the smaller those memories become, the fonder I am of the place. The misery of the past, well, I'm starting to put that down as a genetic inclination to putting on the poor mouth. Instead, I think more of the poetry, songs, literature, and pubs. Oh, and the satire!

In the same vein, I'm starting to look back fondly on all those violent monks and priests who had charge of my education. Even Brother Justin, that bastard. Sure, I was knocked unconscious once, and had my nose broken another time, but you know, I can never be alone: my head is too stuffed with distractions. I can still rattle off Cicero's "Pro Lege Manilia" as if I myself were sending Pompey on his way to Asia Minor, and when I try to remember what I was supposed to pick up at Publix, why "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" will oft come unbidden to my mind.

And I still laugh at Lycidas, floating in his watery beer. (Remember, he who would pun would also pick a pocket.)

What the hell is it about being Irish? It's the world's need for a race which can take great heaping gobs of misery, and somehow turn it all to gregariousness, to the well-turned phrase, to wit, to charm, to laughter.

I'm sorry. Where was I again? Oh, right, St. Patrick's day. Well, I'm away to the pub, to drink heavily, and bark at the moon.

Because, like my people, I am characterized by the qualities that make a man interesting rather than prosperous.

Muslims in Sweden call for death to Jews.

Quite apart from the hideousness of the protest, the representatives of the Religion of Pieces call for death in the context of an event from 629 AD.

There's no future in Islam, is there? Just a "glorious" past, and a completely inadequate, self-defeating present.

I feel a rant coming on about this toilet of a religion.

No health care benefits for warmongers!

I must say, this Obama chap has started with the Carter stuff rather early in his administration. Let's hope we don't have a Desert One.

Though, you know, the Russians are on the move. (Note: sourced from a British paper, the US legacy media doesn't cover stories like this any more.)

Because, you know, the arts aren't Democrat enough.

So, we've got Geithner at Miniplenty. Minitrue has just been established. Minipax has shown as Miniwar, as Obama surrenders to every threat. Miniluv is on the way.

"Yes we can!" should actually be "1984: We're Behind Schedule!"

A Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy.

Who'd have thought?

Hillary wasn't accusing, she was projecting.

I get it now. It's a politician joke ordinary people don't get.

I mean, unless you've seen goatse.

Monday, March 16, 2009

This is rich.

Jane Hamsher seems to have forgotten that she voted in Hopey Changey, aka "The Empty Suit", aka "I love the future because that's where all my achievements are," a man of quite modest accomplishments with nothing to show for his short political life but mastery of the teleprompter.

She may not have noticed, but "Yes, we can!" has become "Bush did it!". What can you expect from a man who promises to stop earmarks, signs into law an omnibus spending bill with around 9,000 earmarks, and follows up with a speech - yes! - condemning earmarks.

He's been in office for about 60 days, and it's been a gaffe a day, from tax cheat Geithner, to an utterly outrageous snub to the British PM. And, though I've said it before, it bears repeating: don't be giving the Russians red buttons to press. You know, like this. (Speaking of which, why hasn't someone started a "Fawlty White House" blog?)

It'd be comic if my 401(k) wasn't in the toilet, if Islamic nutcases weren't about to get nukes in *both* Iran and Pakistan, if China wasn't harassing American ships on the open sea, if Afghanistan wasn't about to go Taliban, etc., etc.

In fact, things are getting so bad, the US legacy media is no longer covering Obama nominees quietly withdrawing (Tax problems! Can you believe it?) - you have to go to the UK press for that. Oh, and God forbid any legacy media outlet mention the American tea party movement, thought the L.A. Times did come out and say why. (Yes, "hypocrisy.")

You know, right now, the only bright spot out there is Iraq. Of course, that story can only now be told be, as Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton is no longer on his smirky rodeo ride through history.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Says it all, really. Ah well.

Monday, March 09, 2009

How many more ways can Obama screw up?

Let's see.

Stock market in the tank, to which he says "Oh, just a tracking poll." Where does he think I've been putting my retirement savings? Under the mattress?

SoS Clinton gives the Russians a button to push. A red button, with a mistranslated message. That's a mix of cute and clueless that's hard to match. Oh, and do we really want to get the Russians used to pushing red buttons? Really?

Obama repatriates a bust of Winston Churchill back to Britain. Oh, and the PM comes to visit and gets no state dinner, nor a joint press conference. The PM presents an assortment of thoughtful gifts, and gets a few DVDs in return. (Region 1?)

Chas Freeman. Well, what can we say? He's in the pocket of the Saudis, and one of his more outrageous proposals in recent years was a national tracking system, because, you know, Americans can't be trusted.

I really can't believe Obama is as evil as his current record suggests. I think he just wanted to be President, and now he has it, he's kind of like the dog that caught the car.

Unfortunately, we'll have to live with him while he tries to wolf it down. Fortunately, he'll be deprived of a lot of his power in about 22 months.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

They can't be serious.

Taxpayers are chumps

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