Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So, if this is right, Democrats in the House and Senate, flush with AIG cash, amended the bailout bill to make sure AIG execs would get all their bonuses, and The One, flush with AIG cash, signed the entire festering pile o' dung into law, and only *now* are they complaining.

Oh, sunlight. A commodity not really in use in the Chicago back rooms familiar to The One Who Has Been Promised Us. Pity, that.

Congratulations folks, we're in the era of rule by headline.

Obama: Empty suit, blowing wherever the wind takes him. History as indicator, we will have outrages and dead bodies in the next three years that a Republican will have to clean up. Foreigners who hate us are watching this. They'll soon be leadin him arond by the nose, with violent headline after violent headline.

Ah well. Democrats.

So, Mr President, the money AIG didn't give you or yours, where did that go?

Oh. Right. All those European banks. Let's go back and look at what Dodd had to say about them, shall we? I mean, before he sells that multimillion-dollar "cottage" in the West of Ireland, ok? And before Barclays hides what it did for him, ok?

Never before in human history has a political party gone so fast from decrying a culture of corruption to being the culture of corruption.

And yes, there is a Churchillian thing lurking, but I'm tired.

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