Monday, March 09, 2009

How many more ways can Obama screw up?

Let's see.

Stock market in the tank, to which he says "Oh, just a tracking poll." Where does he think I've been putting my retirement savings? Under the mattress?

SoS Clinton gives the Russians a button to push. A red button, with a mistranslated message. That's a mix of cute and clueless that's hard to match. Oh, and do we really want to get the Russians used to pushing red buttons? Really?

Obama repatriates a bust of Winston Churchill back to Britain. Oh, and the PM comes to visit and gets no state dinner, nor a joint press conference. The PM presents an assortment of thoughtful gifts, and gets a few DVDs in return. (Region 1?)

Chas Freeman. Well, what can we say? He's in the pocket of the Saudis, and one of his more outrageous proposals in recent years was a national tracking system, because, you know, Americans can't be trusted.

I really can't believe Obama is as evil as his current record suggests. I think he just wanted to be President, and now he has it, he's kind of like the dog that caught the car.

Unfortunately, we'll have to live with him while he tries to wolf it down. Fortunately, he'll be deprived of a lot of his power in about 22 months.

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