Monday, March 16, 2009

This is rich.

Jane Hamsher seems to have forgotten that she voted in Hopey Changey, aka "The Empty Suit", aka "I love the future because that's where all my achievements are," a man of quite modest accomplishments with nothing to show for his short political life but mastery of the teleprompter.

She may not have noticed, but "Yes, we can!" has become "Bush did it!". What can you expect from a man who promises to stop earmarks, signs into law an omnibus spending bill with around 9,000 earmarks, and follows up with a speech - yes! - condemning earmarks.

He's been in office for about 60 days, and it's been a gaffe a day, from tax cheat Geithner, to an utterly outrageous snub to the British PM. And, though I've said it before, it bears repeating: don't be giving the Russians red buttons to press. You know, like this. (Speaking of which, why hasn't someone started a "Fawlty White House" blog?)

It'd be comic if my 401(k) wasn't in the toilet, if Islamic nutcases weren't about to get nukes in *both* Iran and Pakistan, if China wasn't harassing American ships on the open sea, if Afghanistan wasn't about to go Taliban, etc., etc.

In fact, things are getting so bad, the US legacy media is no longer covering Obama nominees quietly withdrawing (Tax problems! Can you believe it?) - you have to go to the UK press for that. Oh, and God forbid any legacy media outlet mention the American tea party movement, thought the L.A. Times did come out and say why. (Yes, "hypocrisy.")

You know, right now, the only bright spot out there is Iraq. Of course, that story can only now be told be, as Chimpy Bushitler McHalliburton is no longer on his smirky rodeo ride through history.

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