Saturday, January 31, 2004

A lot of oil buys a lot of influence.

From now on, any time you hear someone speak up against the U.S. invasion of Iraq, consider that you may be hearing no more than sour grapes over lost bribes.

Especially any Frenchman, or any leftist. Pasqua got 34 million barrels! Left-wing organization after left-wing organization! And the list that's been published is not complete.

"Debout les damnés de la terre
Debout les forçats de la faim..."

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

The big lesson from this is that we're on our own, we've got to be able to defend ourselves, and that the Government is only good for clearing up after the fact.

But then, we already got that lesson, right?

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Prominent socialist assaults local civilian.

You know, just like 1933.

I mean the Nazis weren't the "National Socialist German Workers Party" for nothing.

In Amrerica, this would be the beginning of Watergate.

In France, it's the beginning of some sort of soft farting out of possible relationships to people who might have been on the same tennis court as the distant ex-wife.

Meanwhile, the rich continue to receice their regular cash deliveries.

Swear to God, we're about 10 years from the next Guillotine excesses.

So. The choice will be between liberal and liberaler.

I mean, Kerry has an ACU rating of 6, and Dean has become the MTV "Shout Remix".

Maybe the South will change things: Edwards may claw something back. For myself, I'm just sorry that the adult wing of the Democrats (Gephardt, Lieberman) has become utterly unpalatable within the Democrat party.

Ho hum.

Monday, January 26, 2004

Let's see now. Europeans are writing to a San Francisco lefty about how BUSH IS A NAZI. And this is in the paper?

I mean, this is ludicrous. The guy tries to compare the Arab experience in post-9/11 America to what the Jews went through under Hitler.

Can you say "Nuts"?

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Take a look at this puff piece of propaganda for the Democratic party.

Why are the Democrats losing the South?

Here's one reason: Right now the remaining Democrat candidates for President are (in no particular order) Haughty French Guy, The Shout Remix, General Ripper, Secretary of Peace, Incitement to Violence, Rich Trial Lawyer, and Loser Adult.

Loser Adult (Lieberman, you clod) is a loser in the sense that he can't make it through the Democratic primaries. He just isn't anti...Bush enough. The rest, well, the caricatures speak for themselves. Like it or not, that's how Southerners see them. Given the choice between this rabble and a genuine swaggering cowboy who's willing to stick it to Saddam, well, what's a Southerner to do?

Here's another reason. Take a look at these sentences from the puff piece:

"So where's the anger? And why in the world is he going to vote for a president based on a side issue such as which candidate hates gay marriage?

I spent a week on the road trying to figure out why traditionally Democratic rural whites have so solidly embraced a Republican Party whose economic program runs directly counter to their own interests."

Whatever he may have meant when he wrote these, here's how they come across:

"When are those dumb, homophobic crackers going to smarten up and vote for the angels instead of the devils?"

That's how it comes across. And here's the problem: this holier-than-thou, smarter-than-thou, patronizing, manichean, condescending attitude doesn't help Democrats. Doctrinaire Democrats come across like Red Guards: no deviation, on even the smallest issue, is tolerated. Deviate and you're irretrievably stupid, or bigoted, or traitorous, or all three.

And I think this is probably true: the Socialist (or "Progressive", as he styles it) end of American politics doesn't tolerate anything but total obedience.

Southerners get this and they're not going to vote for it.

Psychotics slam America!

The core problem in the Middle East is not the Arab-Israeli problem, nor the Palestinian problem. The core problem is the Middle East is that Muslims are firmly faced to the past, not the future.

In their minds, any land that was ever Muslim-controlled must remain Muslim-controlled. That's why they want Spain back and the Israelis toasted.

The Palestinians are a handy way to keep the pot simmering while they try to get their hands on a nuke.

Spam finished? Yeah, right.

Along with nimda, klez, blaster, etc.

Computers either lose things randomly, or remember them long after you wish they were forgotten.

Don't bring a knife to a gunfight.

I'm guessing this kid was (not) educated at a gub'mint school.

Game, set, and match for the USA.

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Can we please have a bit of honesty about this?

First off, America has no aspirations for economic, cultural, or political supremacy.

Americans simply want to be fat, dumb, and happy. That's it.

They want their comforts, NOW!, and cheap. They devote massive amounts of time to finding cheaper, faster, better ways to get things done, because all they really want is to get back to the air-conditioned comfort of their homes so they can kick back with massive quantities of BBQ, and watch "The Simpsons".

Oh, and they don't want Islamofascists crashing airplanes full of innocent people into their skyscrapers and public buildings.

That's it. That's all of it.

Now, as a side effect of all this effort Americans are rich, and everyone else in the world wants what they've got. Americans are not setting out in leaky rafts for Castro's paradise. They're not swiming to Haiti. Mexico does not have a problem with illegal American workers. France's population is increasingly Islamic, not American.

Americans are economically superior because they want to get back to their BBQ. They're culturally superior because they want their entertainment engaging, surprising, and edgy. They're able to be this way because they were lucky enough to get a Constitution and political institutions that have stood the test of time.

(Note to insolent French Defense Minsters: The American Republic is older than all the old European republics combined.)

America's Constitution outlines a way to govern, not the biases of the moment. It stands in plain contrast to "Europe's" new Constitution which will have to be scrapped as soon as the politically correct of today changes. OF course, Giscard will have run through his current paycheck by then, so it's probably just as well.

America has political supremacy because it's been in a battle with unarmed opponents.

Now, as to America's difference in sensibilities vis-a-vis the Muslim world: it wasn't the Eiffel tower that got hit on 9/11. Americans are well attuned to injustice and poverty, they just don't have time for a bunch of psychotics who score own-goal after own-goal. And, since they have the economic, cultural, and military power, and the political will, they're not going to sit for it.

This contrasts quite nicely with moribund France: an increasingly aging polulation that chugs antidepressants and imports its labor (and future) from the Islamic world.

Instead of coddling terrorism, as France does, America intends to pile on the humiliation until these people get it. Sherman didn't burn everything between Atlanta and Savannah for the hell of it: he wanted to humilitate the South utterly and teach it a lesson. Rebellious pride was bent towards pride in the Union. Result: the South is firmly in the Union, we have more and more damn Yankees moving here every day, and Southerners are the most utterly patriotic of Americans. They also have great BBQ.

Similarly, we'll not be done with Islamofascism until Islam learns to play well with others. The Islamic world is going to take humiliation after humiliation until Muslims become willing to rejoin the human race and turn their faces towards 2250, not 1250. The alternative is psychopaths with a medieval outlook and nukes to hand. That, for sure, would interfere with BBQ and "The Simpsons", and that is just not going to happen.

In the meantime, we may just save France's backside. Of course, we've already done that a couple of times, with the predictable result that they'll never, ever forgive us. I sometimes think they'd prefer to be singing the "Horst Wessel Lied" and exporting their Jews to points East.

Now, as to the final part: all this talk about France as America's enemy, France as counterweight to American power. It's talked about because it's what France has been after. I mean, a Polish unit find French anti-aircraft missiles in Iraq. Missiles that had been manufactured a couple of months before the war began. And as for counterweight, well, the French have been trying to turn the clock back to 1685 since about, oh, 1686. It hasn't worked yet. Give it up. Please.

Bottom line: the French might profit by paying more attention to themselves, rather than trying to turn foreign relations into a sort of soap opera. France is the bureaucratic driver of the European Union. It's a union for elites, being brought about by elites. It's anti-democratic and utterly corrupt. Only by the good graces of the new Europeans might it ever be saved. The alternative is another bloody war.

Personally, I'm betting on form.

Monday, January 19, 2004

Jacques Chirac now has his own website.

Howard Dean's supporters are called “storm troopers”?


Too sad and too sick.

What the hell is wrong with people?

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Arab decapitates Jew. Who'd have thought it possible?!?!!

“Now is not a good time to be trying a case with these facts,” said [the Arab's] attorney, George Parnham. “I believe a jury well could have given him a life sentence.”

Life sentence?!?!! God forbid!



By Nelson Ascher

How long can all the big media keep
Their public’s head in the sand?
Yes, 'n' how many lies will a viewer stand
Till he turns off CNN?
Yes, 'n' how much crap must the Grey Lady print
Before she’s fisked in the end?
The answer, my friend, is bloggin’ on the web
The answer is bloggin’ on the web.

Why did the peace marchers wish so hard
That Iraq wouldn’t be free?
Yes, 'n' how many facts can the Guardian twist
Before its own readers flee?
Yes, 'n' how much more biased news will it take
To privatize BBC?
The answer, my friend, is bloggin’ on the web
The answer is bloggin' on the web.

How long will Chomsky repeat himself
Till he’s forgotten for good?
Yes, 'n' how many books will Michael Moore sell
Before he’s finally sued?
Yes, 'n' how long will France say she’s still a friend
Before this gets understood?
The answer, my friend, is bloggin’ on the web
The answer is bloggin' on the web

French citizen defects to the USA.


I think I saw this guy protesting in Atlanta last week.

God Given. My ass.

France may still be saved. Personally, I expect a public burning, or stoning.

The digital Maginot Line.

I expect the French aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle, to be sunk in Marseilles. Soon. But then, who would care? I mean, when was the last time the French actually won a war? A skirmish? As I recall, in their most recent military adventure they left a few soldiers in some godforsaken piece of Cote d'Ivoire, waiting to be mau-maued. And Giscard's "Constitution" is (rough) (i.e. French) toilet paper.

No wonder they generally smell so bad.

One journalist explains how the French press, rather than report facts, actually chose sides. As payback for his efforts he has since been fired. The French have chosen which side they're on. We begin bombing in five minutes.

God bless the Israeli Embasador for kicking the shit out of an Hamas golden bull.

If the Ambassador has any balls, his last message to Sweden will be: "Go fuck yourselves."

(Oh, Israelis who can't see the brilliance of this: shame on you, and please line up for Auschwitzdeportation.)

Oh, by the way, Sweden, please figure out who killed your Foreign Minister before sponsoring memorials for known murderers of Israeli citizens. As long as your muslim citizens don't intimidate you, that is.

(Swedes who can: get out while you can! Sauve qui peut!)

We Begin Bombing in 5 Minutes.

Dear Americans in Paris: please come home while the French merely hate you, and before they can send you to the death camps. You know, like what the French did with the Jews.

Oh, and by the way, before you believe French accounts of their heroism (at Les Deux Magots, I guess), please note that during WWII the Poles lost 20% of their population, many while fighting against the Nazis. At the same time, people like Mitterand (a famous and recent French President) were figuring out how to cohabitate (phrase fameuse Francaise) with Hitler, et al.

God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the French DISGUST me.

Let's see. Europe has a choice between suicide bombing fanaticism and banning a piece of headgear.

Question: Roland arrivera quand?

Oh, et pour les Francophones entre nous, je pense a Turpin.

Please. Please. Je vous en prie. Join the war on terrorism. Otherwise it'll be Tours with no hope of success.

But do the French actually want to survive? I think they've been hollowed out for so many years by so many Vichy types that they're really done for.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Good! It's about time the ultra-leftists on judiciary got slapped around a little.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Al Gore or the Unabomber? A quiz.

The World's Smallest Political Quiz

Germany is going to defend itself the old-fashioned way: let the Amis do it.

Not only are European governments corrupt, they're seen to be corrupt.

When it comes to actually implementing required EU legislation, France and Germany are generally last to act.

France is an utterly corrupt country.

Monday, January 12, 2004

Cynthia McKinney's campaign is $32,000 in debt. What to do? Why, run again.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Basically Iraq is a chemical swamp, a sort of pre-EPA country (US perspective). Maybe the USA should just stay in Iraq until Saddam's environmental damage is cleared up.

Fifty years ought to do it. At which point every Arab would be clamoring for a clean environment, and the rest of us wouldn't be worrying about Arabs in passenger jets.

Just a thought.

Another liberal pundit who thinks ordinary people are stupid.

Let me rephrase that: another leftist who hates burgeois sensibilities.

It would never occur to Ms. Tucker to say that Americans are short on anger because they're long on wealth.

I mean, when you take a look at people in this country who are clasified as "poor," you'll usually find a color TV (with cable) in the house, a car - or two - in the driveway, and beer in the fridge. The low end of American cuisine - fast food - is a barely-within-reach haute cuisine in many countries of the world. As a nation we're increasingly suffering from the ills associated with obesity.

In other words, most Americans are fat, dumb (not stupid, dumb), and happy, and want to stay that way.

Americans in general find it hard to get upset with CEOs who rip people off because they already have so much. Let's face it: when you've got yours, it's kind of hard to get excited about what the other guy is doing.

Also, Americans are suspicious of angry charismatics. I mean, they have the examples of Lenin, Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin, Khomeini and bin Ladin. After that, they're going to follow an angry, charismatic American?!?!! I really don't think so.

Ms. Tucker says that a network of right wing pundits has killed off populist instincts. Message to Cynthia: Rush Limbaugh is a populist in his own right. He's just not your kind of populist. Got that? The fact is that American populism succeeded a long time ago. That's why we have OSHA, EEOC, and Americans charging so much for their labor that American employers are increasingly shipping jobs overseas.

Howard Dean is angry because anger is what excites the rabid end of the Democrat party. Anger's what gets him his limited popularity. Anger's what raises money so he can knock down his opponents. Anger's going to get him his nomination. Anger's going to make the Democrat party the permanent minority party, a hangout for potheads, gays, feminists, angry blacks and any other bellyacher with a nurtured grievance or unrequited gripe.

Anger's what will make the Democrats the permanent minority party.

I for one welcome this future.

Friday, January 09, 2004

How did I miss this?

So, let me see. Maynard fattened himself off Atlanta, while leaving the sewers to crumble. Then, upon his death, he was beatified and his name added to the Atlanta's airport. Now his son's been arrested for selling marijuana.

That's quite a decline, in a single generation.

Still, par for the course. I mean, Bill Campbell's son got dropped off in a stolen car. Buzzy's only crime, really, was getting caught doing something illegal when his father wasn't mayor of Atlanta.

One hopes that instead of involving themselves in outright illegality, the relatives of Atlanta mayors can simply trade on their family connections.

Why the hell won't those rich bastards just shut up and take it?!?!!

How dare they try to hold onto their wealth?!?!! Don't they know there's a government maw to be fed?!?!! A maw with a monopoly on violence, I might add.

Mind you, the Vermont Secretary of State was kind enough to outline their options: "Absent an armed insurrection type of thing, there isn't anything a town can do to secede. A town is a construction of the state and exists at the pleasure of the Legislature."

Got that? You exist at the pleasure of your legislature. Now shut up and pay. Or take up arms. Your choice.

(Killington's current tax situation: three wolves and a lamb deciding what's for dinner.)

Of course, the other thought that comes to mind is that the state governed by Dr Dean has taxes high enough to get people talking about seceding.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Attack of the MicroHorses!

This is hilarious! And even better because it's spot on.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Boy Assad admits to possession of a WMD stockpile.

Maybe he got some of it from Iraq.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Saddam's in the bag, Gadaffi's thrown in the towel, the Iranians are allowing inspections of their nuclear facilities, and the little troll in North Korea is falling into line.

(As an aside, isn't funny that CNN, Clinton's lickspittle co-dependent network of choice calls the deal the troll's offered "bold?" It wasn't bold, it just indicates he's short on Chivas, which Jacques hasn't been shipping ever since we found out about the anti-aircraft missiles-for-oil program he'd been running with Iraq up 'til early last year. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, to be caught sucking one dictator's dick is a misfortune, two seems like carelessness.

My God! North Korean is in its third decade of famine! Of course the troll's going to give away what he doesn't need to keep what he really cherishes. You know, threats of nukes for power and adulation. What any despot wants.

And he'd better do the deal soon. Now that Libya's benign ruler has turned over his little black book of mass destruction contacts, you may be sure that polished Brits are showing up in front of various swarthy types and asking them sweetly to give up the nukes before the less than polished American partner shows up with precision attack munitions.)

(North Korea actually calls itself the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It's not democratic, it's not for the people, it's not a republic, and it's only half of Korea. Typical of the claims one hears from Stalinist states: less than 25% truth.)

(We return you to your rant in progress.)

Now this event in Korea, it's got nothing to do with the President. No, all he's been doing is ruining the economy, ruining the environment, alienating our friends, lying to the American people, and shredding the constitution.

Well, according to the smart set, anyway.

Still, the stupid people are going to re-elect him.

God bless America.

Monday, January 05, 2004

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, President Bush is popular because Americans are stupid.

My God! Leftists are sooooooooo predictable.

The President can't possibly be popular because he's taking the war to our enemies, and winning.

He can't possibly be popular because the economy is recovering (DJIA at 10,500 today).

There's no way he could be popular because he's convinced the Congress to pass huge tax cuts.

God forbid he should be popular because he called the French, the Germans, the entire UN on their hypocrisy.

No. "It's the 'Stupid factor,' the S factor: Some people -- sometimes through no fault of their own -- are just not very bright."

All except the leftists who hate the President and get stuff published at the Seattle P-I, that is.

I just love this bit: "an intelligence test to earn the right to vote; a three-significantly-stupid-behaviors-and-you're-out law; fines for politicians who pander to the lowest common denominator and deportation of media representatives who perpetuate such actions."

Let's see. Take the franchise away from "stupid" people. "Stupid" as defined by the "smart" people. You know, the people who get their stuff published by the Seattle P-I. And let's nuke the First Amendment into the bargain.

Not that there's any bias in the media. Nor arrogance.

Then finally there's: "We can stop this sapping of our national integrity but we must do it soon, lest the morons become the norm and those of us who use our brains for more than memorizing advertising jingles are ourselves ostracized from society."

It brings this to mind:

     O wad some Power the giftie gie us
     To see oursels as ithers see us!

Thank you, Rabbie Burns.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Well, I guess lunacy isn't confined to the Muslims. Some Hindus appear to want in on the act.

Money quote:

"What are you views on Mohandas K. Ghandhi?

Gandhi was a downright PACIFIST, without guts and SCRUPLES. His constant preaching to his fellow Hindus, to be non violent at all times, EVEN IN THE FACE OF AGGRESSION, paralyzed the manhood of India, mentally and physically, to such an extent that they were (and still are) a degenerated, docile, submissive and subservient race on earth, ever ready to appease and surrender (1947), get slaughtered (Kashmir) and be kicked (Uganda, 1972, and Fiji 1987 and 2000). The Ghandhi/Nehru dynasty has led of the rot of Bharat as we know today."

The more I learn about Winston Churchill, the more I admire him.

I predict that Britney Spears, her popularity fading, will appear naked in some magazine sometime this year.

Ten years from now she'll probably pull a Dana Plato.

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Good riddance! (registration required)

Friday, January 02, 2004

The new EU arrest warrent just won't work.

Money quote:

"But he maintains that in other countries - including France, Belgium, Spain and Greece - a foreigner is almost always convicted regardless of the evidence."

I told this to some Marines. They said it sounded like a union to them.

The people have spoken, the bastards.

I, for one, welcome our new collectivist overlords.

Here's the deal: governments want the people under their control to be unarmed. Unarmed, and preferably guilty of something. That's why they ban guns and proliferate laws. It's a great way to achieve absolute rule, as noted here.

Unfortunately for today's Brits, most of the strong ones moved to the US, to Australia, etc., a long time ago. What's left is more a flock than a people. Their mettle's bred out.

And what's sad about them is that they're the best of Old Europe. Take a train ride to from London to Paris and you'll be met by a bunch of psychotropically over-medicated, emotion-controlled, not happy, not glum.....people.

London has life and excitement. Paris is beautiful and dead. It's like the Pere Lachaise cemetary just took over the whole city. About the only life is in the Sarcelles HLMs, and it's all from North Africa, angry, and threatening a violent Islamic future for all of France.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Not on the rug, man!

The revolution is not yet over! Condolences are premature! The bums have not yet lost lost!

And the Dude abides. I don't know about you, but I take comfort in that.

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