Friday, January 27, 2006

Russ is happy to take a cheap shot at the Bush administration, but never mentions this.

He's a hypocrite. Google? A collection of opportunists. Dump their stock now. If they'll do this in a green tree, what will they do in a dry one? Yes, throw you under the tank tracks.

Get rid of Google desktop now! If you don't, please know that a Chicom Commisar somewhere will be reading your private documents sometime real soon now. Just so Google can still have a place in China. I guarantee it.

UPDATE: More here.

MORE UPDATE: Russ just switched over to Microsoft Windows, and guess who's defending the regime that's sponsoring a genocide in Darfur?

Google? Be semi-evil. Be quasi-evil. Be the margarine of evil. Be the Diet Coke of evil — just one calorie; not evil enough!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mrs Livininamerica doesn't like my blog. I'm out of the blogging business. Another small death in the series of small deaths that is my life.

Vulnerant omnia, ultima necat, etc.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I blame global warming.

I blame global warming.

I blame global warming.

I blame global warming.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

She can never go back to Iraq.

I guarantee you that if she does, a Baathist dead-ender, or some Islamofascist, will kill her: no American good deed can go unpunished. Arabs are like that. A small people, brutal and uncivilized. Sad to say.

You won't hear this on TV, or read it in The New York Times, but it's true.

UPDATE: She can probably go back, if she volunteers to be a suicide bomber. That way, everyone's happy.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Predicions for this year:

Iran gets bombed. By Israel. By America. By Americans in Israeli clothing. By Israelis with American help. By the world's greatest democracy and the Middle East's longest-lived democracy. Whatever the cover, Iran gets bombed.

Technology will be huge. Buy technology mutual funds now.

Iraq will manage its internal security. So American troops can menace Syria and Iran. Iran. The country with Afghanistan on one side, and Iraq on the other.

The Republicans will continue to hold the Senate and House. Though, God knows, they don't deserve to, the venal bastards.

Europe's going to start waking up to its inability to defend itself. Result? I expect a smarmy warming of relations, as Europe realizes its ongoing demographic suicide, and America comforts Europe on its deathbed.

America forms closer relations with India. Closer *defense* relations.

China fails - yet again - to take back its renegade province.

America begins talking to Russia about buying parts of Siberia. Alaska, part two.

I'm watching 'Reagan' on PBS.

I remember watching Carter and Reagan in the late 70's and early 80's.

Carter convinced me that a vote for a Democrat was a vote for suicide.

Reagan? Well, all my friends were convinced Reagan was going to nuke us. Me? I wanted in on the fight before the whole thing ended. I wanted to finish my degree as quickly as I could, get through Officer Training School, and be an American standing at the rampart against the communist beast.

Talk about timing: four years after I was commissioned, the Berlin wall fell ("Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"). By Christmas of 1991, the Soviet Union was gone. Reagan challenged the Soviets and put them out of business. Had we listened to the Democrats - the Soviet fellow travellers - we'd *still* be dealing with the Soviets, as well as dealing with Isalmofascism. Apologies from Democrats? Nary a one.

Democrats. They leave me shaking my head.

Interesting point: "The Day After" aired the day before Reagan deployed cruise missiles to NATO. You know, the way the NSA wiretap "scandal" story aired before the USA PATRIOT bill came up for a vote.

Plus ca change, etc.

I've just spent the last week at Hilton Head Island.

I am very blissed out.

I just got back to Atlanta.

I expect the blissed-out thing to last about another 30 minutes.

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