Monday, March 25, 2013

Welll, there's the Muslim Brotherhood crescent completed. 

Pity they couldn't all lose.

"We have a deal." 

The government of Cyprus has decided to confiscate bank accounts.

Europeans now know that not all Euro bank accounts are created equal.  There are German Euro bank accounts, and there are other Euro bank accounts.

I expect that, starting tomorrow, all the Euro savings in Europe will be heading for Germany.

This will not end well.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Jizya 

Sending aid to Muslim countries isn't going to gain you much if the recipients think it's really a tax you owe them for not being a Muslim.

Savages.  Complete bloody savages.

And ungrateful, into the bargain.

Tell you what:  let's make our future aid contingent on the good treatment of religious minorities in Muslim countries, and get a real sense of how the Muslim world operates.

Yeah.  Right.  Saudi oil money buys a lot of compliance.

The deaths of children, during a revolution. 

I remember, one time, asking my dad how to deal with Northern Ireland.

He said "Kill them.  Kill them all."

I remember him remarking about the casualties on Bloody Sunday, that children were killed and injured because parents were willing to have them on the street, that day.  I'm sure it resonated with his experiences in Vietnam and Marxist/Leninist insurgencies in general: create an atrocity, and then invite left-wing journalists in to amplify and broadcast, to the disadvantage of the non-Marxist/Leninists.

Before he died, he gave me another insight into his philosophy:  "Complaints from the morgue are the easiest to ignore."

Dude was hard core.

Monday, March 04, 2013

NPR. At it again. 

Today I was driving to work and caught NPR. 

One line in particular struck me.  The newscaster was talking about the sequester,  noting that the world had not ended, there had been no rains of blood, nor frogs, he added that these dire consequences had been predicted by *The Republican Party*!

Now, excuuuuuuse the hell out of me, but isn't it The Won who's been going around, holding campaign-style gatherings, and attempting to scare the country into pressuring *The Republican Party* into going along with his plans?

In other words, NPR just broadcast some news that was 180 degrees at variance with reality.

You know, a lie.

What was really funny about this is the next thing you know, Cokie Roberts, or Nina Totenberg, I can't keep them straight, was on talking about how it was The Won who'd been out predicting collapse, and he was now having to walk that dog back.  Still, at some point, *The Republican Party* was going to regret denying The Won his way.

What NPR won't mention is that The Thug is out to destroy *The Republican Party*, turning the USA into one large California.  Recognizing an existential threat, Boehner, et al., have decided to fight.  For  the moment, anyway. I fully trust the country club branch of the GOP to ruin things for us all.  The Republican tactic is to give The Thug nothing he wants, so he can experience the misery that is most second terms:  he'll get none of his current agenda, while the insanity of the last four years catches up.

Oh, and in the meantime, the country gets to discover that The Thug is actually Chicken Little, and gets to start ignoring him at best, and mocking him at worst.

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