Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Won is not promoting Vaginas. 

The Commentariat is complaining that The Won is not promoting Vaginas.

The Won ran partly on the issue of vaginas. The vagina issue voters flocked to him. As long as he delivers on his vagina promises, vagina issue voters have no reason to complain.

His promise on vaginas was to keep them safely maintained and non-productive at government expense (which is, when you think about it, his promise on all issues). He made no commitment to actually promote vaginas.

Vaginas are never satisfied, are they?  And, of course, they can't take care of themselves, so I suppose we're stuck with their whining.

Until we go satisfy them, good and hard, I suppose.

Which is not yet a government function, as best I can tell.

And could it ever be?  And if it were, would government satisfy?

If it didn't, whole universities would give themselves over to understanding how to help the government satisfy vaginas.

I'll stop now, but I will observe that vaginas have a lot for which to answer.

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