Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why play rugby... 

Why bother playing rugby, when you can do this all day?

And this.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

What it takes to be a Democrat... 

You just have to be willing to be a member of a filthy rotten party of intolerance, disarmament, corruption, treason, fraud, sodomy, thuggery, and infanticide.

Hillary!'s job is now done. 

The Won was re-elected, in part because nobody heard the story of a black man leaving four white men to be slaughtered by jihadis.  Hillary! was complicit, along with The Won's cabinet, and most of America's press corpse.

Pity, all that.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Won is not promoting Vaginas. 

The Commentariat is complaining that The Won is not promoting Vaginas.

The Won ran partly on the issue of vaginas. The vagina issue voters flocked to him. As long as he delivers on his vagina promises, vagina issue voters have no reason to complain.

His promise on vaginas was to keep them safely maintained and non-productive at government expense (which is, when you think about it, his promise on all issues). He made no commitment to actually promote vaginas.

Vaginas are never satisfied, are they?  And, of course, they can't take care of themselves, so I suppose we're stuck with their whining.

Until we go satisfy them, good and hard, I suppose.

Which is not yet a government function, as best I can tell.

And could it ever be?  And if it were, would government satisfy?

If it didn't, whole universities would give themselves over to understanding how to help the government satisfy vaginas.

I'll stop now, but I will observe that vaginas have a lot for which to answer.

Gutting the Constitution via Executive Order 

If the Vice President is to be believed, the President intends to gut the Second Amendment to the US Constitution via executive order.

No matter what you think of guns, you may want to consider what the success of this strategy might mean to the rest of the US Constitution.

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

All male... 

The Won goes all male.

Which makes sense, since Democrat women voted their vaginas in the last election.

I do hope women will enjoy the bits and pieces the Democrat Patriarchy decides to gift them.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

NPR, and lying by ommission. 

This afternoon, at about 12:20 PM, I caught a bit of the Bob Edwards show on NPR.

The topic was Lisa Jackson, and her imminent departure from the EPA.

To hear Edwards and his interlocutor, Doyle McManus tell the story, Jackson is leaving because she's just completely burned out.  No talk at all of her use of fake email addresses to avoid oversight.  No suggestion that she's resigning ahead of a scandal.  No, it's the stonewalling Republicans who want to poison the air, water, and food supply they also use.

This is how NPR lies: by omission.

Of course, if you're a low-information voter, or exclusively an NPR listener - but I repeat myself, you'd never know, would you?

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