Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just so you know, The Won's 13-year-old daughter is going on an incredibly expensive (to hoi polloi) Spring break trip (one hoi polloi could never afford), and the legacy media is hiding it. I've no doubt the marching orders are coming from flying monkeys dispatched from some hidden window of the White House.

I guess we'll have more of these First Lady in Spain-type trips, but not actually broadcast to the working stiffs by our media safeguards, because, you know, The Won has to be re-elected in order to perfect us. You know: when he
s finished, we'll get to walk to work through snow, wearing barbed wire shoes to get a grip in the ice, while he, and his nomenklatura will get to ride over us in helicopters.

In Soviet RussiaThe Won's America, Government rides you!

A thought occurs: Did The Won's oldest daughter bring along any birth control? A chaperone, perhaps?

Let's face it, the Obamas are nouveau rich, with all that entails. Fugly.

UPDATE: White House flying monkey theory confirmed.

UPDATE: The White House flying monkey story is no longer operative.

Doesn't this feel a lot like '1984'?

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