Thursday, February 16, 2012

I believe The Won's war to force Roman Catholic institutions to provide contracpetion and abortion services is a clear declaration that the "uniter" of 2008 has been replaced with the class warfare radical of 2012.

He used the Roman Catholic hierarchy as useful idiots to get his health care program passed. Now that the Imperial Federal Government has arrogated so much power to itself, it's time to let the useful idiots know they're no longer useful. It's time for them to be humiliated and broken. The Won is now on the final sprint to a totalitarian nanny state formed by a coalition of technocrats, environmentalists, feminists, blacks, and Hispanics. The white working class plurality can go fuck itself. Oh, and pay the taxes for the bread, circuses, and abortions the mooching majority has voted itself.

Technocrats, environmentalists, feminists, blacks, and Hispanics, take note: you are the current useful idiots.

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