Friday, September 09, 2011

The Won's jobs plan:

"Give me $450 billion now, or your kids will get mercury poisoning."

That wasn't a jobs plan, that was a campaign speech. Actually, it was a threat:

"Give me everything I want, or I'll blame you for everything I've screwed up."

There's nothing actionable in that speech, and he's presented no bill with legislative language. It's a hostage note, plain and simple, to be paid NOW!, since his latest vacation is over, and the next one is coming up soon.

Note that The Won has scheduled two speeches to encourage public support for this billspeech, in Virginia and Ohio. These are designed to put pressure on Cantor and Boehner.

This is all part of The Won's scorched-earth re-election campaign, the goal of which is to get re-elected, not on the basis of anything he's done, but on the basis of demonizing everyone and everything that stands in his way.

The rhetoric is going to get vicious in the next few months.

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