Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cornel West says The Won hates black people.

Which, well, who would have imagined it?

I think there's actually a larger issue here, and it's the slavish devotion of black people to the Democrat party.

Consider: in every election, black people vote 90% for the Democrat party. The Democrat party, knowing it owns the black vote, sees no reason to service the needs of black people. The result is that in the present recession, which disproportionally hits black males, the Congress returned for a lame duck session to consider, yes, the DREAM act, an attempt to regularize the state of illegal immigrants, mostly Latinos. Forget a jobs bill that might help its most loyal adherents. No, instead the Democrat party is all about locking up the Latino vote.

You see, knowing it owns the black vote, the Democrat party can't be bothered to help black people. Instead, it sees another minority it wants to own, and it's pandering as hard as possible. If the Democrat party succeeds with the Latino vote as it has succeeded with the black vote, then it'll be off chasing some other minority, so it can stack votes up to 50% + 1, and take power.

So, black voters of America, vote Republican, vote Libertarian, vote anything but Democrat. It's the only way you'll ever see the Democrat party respond to your needs.

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