Wednesday, November 03, 2010

60+ seat gain in the US House.

6+ seat gain in the US Senate.

No Democrats in any Georgia State-wide elective office.

That was a pretty good night.

Yo, you are so good with math stupid mother fucker! You must be a genius!

While you count your stupid seat gains, the Refucklican Fed leader Bernanke printed another $600 Billion.


Guess who this helps? Wall Street. Will there be an uproar? Of course not. Because you are too stupid to understand economics and you are happy with stupid partisan politics. Guess what would have happened if the President would have requested $10 to go through the congress?

Your homework assignment – how is the $600 Billion injection into bonds different than the $787 Billion stimulus package?

BTW, again your predictions were wrong. You did not get the Senate.
I sort of regret the Republicans didn't get the US Senate. Mostly because Harry Reid makes my skin crawl.

Still, we now have gridlocked government, and the less governing our government does, the better off we all are.

I'm sorry you're so full of anger and pain. I will pray for you.
Your prayers won't even wipe my ass, much less cure America's ills.

Did you do your homework, stupid mother fucker???
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