Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, there goes separation of Church and State.

Democrats! Is there anything they won't corrupt in order to sell their lies?

What a maggoty bunch.

Yo stupid mother fucker, really – this is your stance - really? Don’t you think historically the Refucklicans, more so than Democrats, have used the church members to drive the vote? Here is the a little example from a couple of years ago:
Yo stupid mother fucker – Have you heard of Christine O’Donnell? She is looking to cut out Science and put Religion and Politics in a blender.
I really don't know how to respond to such "pithy" comments.

If you are the Democrat brain trust - and so you appear, well, you have already lost the upcoming election. Big.
Democrat hypocrisy is always funny to watch. Hair trigger outrage when Republicans make religious references, complete disregard when Democrats do the same.

Obviously, the separation of church and state is a Democrat screaming point, not a piece of actual morality.

Democrats. What a maggoty bunch.
Care to put some numbers around "Big"?
Aren't you running this Blog? Shouldn't you be focused on presenting a balanced picture of when any party mixes Religion and Politics? Since you are so smart and know both parties are doing it, isn't it disingenuous to call "Democrats. What a maggoty bunch." stupid mother fucker?
"Big" means taking back both houses of Congress.
One might usefully investigate the connection between Democrat party politics and black churches.
You really want the Christine O'Donnells in the Senate, ey?

I don't believe in any party connections with churches, but it's inevitable. That doesn't make anybody a "maggoty bunch".
Although you know that Republicans and Democrats have been doing it for years and, yet, you present it as if it was something partisan and new with the “Well, there goes separation of Church and State”, shows that you are a conniving deceptive lying stupid mother fucker.
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