Sunday, September 26, 2010

Now that "Global Warming" has been revealed as a complete fraud, we're back to - yes - Global Cooling. I remember this from the 1970s: oil was going to run out, the glaciers were going to come back, we were all going to die in the snow and cold. Forward 40 years and we've come full circle. Global Cooling didn't happen, and Global Warming is revealed as a fantasy ot the Climate Research Unit, so we're back to Global Cooling.

So, we're going to have thirty years or so of "Global Cooling" hysteria, and then we'll revert back to "Global Warming" again by about 2050, or thereabouts.

Got to keep the rubes fearful and disoriented, don't you know.

I remember Bush saying that the US has a strong economy. This is 3 weeks before he was pleading for a $700 Billion Bank Bailout or else we were doomed!!!
The same may happen with the environment. We see countless evidence e.g. this Alaska Walrus video - http://www.adn.com/cgi-bin/apps/vmix/player.php?ID=18428702&GID=118 and have still chosen to ignore. An effective bipartisan Carbon Emission plan would a wise insurance plan. I don’t care if you are on the other side of the issue, but to unequivocally state “Now that "Global Warming" has been revealed as a complete fraud” shows that you still are a stupid mother fucker.
Well, my mother has been dead for seven years, so perhaps I should be a "necrophilic motherfucker." As a Democrst, I'm sure you're a stickler for terms.

Where else will you get your screaming points?
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