Friday, September 03, 2010

Compare and contrast:

- After The Won's inauguration.

- After the Glenn Beck rally.

What is it about Democrats and filth?

Go to New York's Central Park after any celebration of Lenin's birthdayEarth Day, and you will find *mounds* of garbage.

It's as if they don't believe a thing they preach. It's just a way for them to feel better than the rest of us. You know, while they foul their nest.

God bless America's bourgeoisie! We'll save this country from the Left.

UPDATE: Rich Lowry gets it.

We are the non-revolution, the counter-revolution, the actual restoration, we've been waiting for.

All it took was the election of a completely socialist Federal government to make it happen.

BTW, I do not apologize for not accepting The Won and the rest of his socialist horde as my lords and masters, to be obeyed without question.

Because *I* *AM* *AMERICAN!!!!!!!*

(The last being taken from an ancient Molson beer ad.)

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