Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Won takes his third vacation since the oil began spilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

He's taking a vacation about every three weeks. But that's OK because he's not President Bush.

I've no doubt history will mark him as one of the worst US Presidents ever.

1. You hypocritical son of a fucking bitch – you all tout the self correcting features of private enterprise, but when the big businesses fuck us in the ass with a Louisville slugger, then you want to watch every move that one individual makes when you didn’t even want him or his whole government to play any role? Really? You fucking pussy. Stand up to what you believe in.

2. Do you not have an iota sense of proportion? Even if he did take 3 vacations, which he did not (2 of the 3 were Memorial day and July 4th long weekend trips), would that make him the worst president? Just because your mother fucking ass doesn’t have a life (or a family probably – if you had one, they would have left your sorry ass), doesn’t mean our President can’t have a life, devote himself to family and do a good job.
I note that once BP had sealed the leak, The Won showed up to take credit.

That's how politics works, you see.

You're right about there being a load of hypocrisy involved, but it seems to go in all directions. As a person who thinks The Won is an awful President - the second coming of Jimmy Carter, in fact - I feel free to take frequent whacks at The Won.

Let me pose you a question: Had President Bush taken three vacations during Katrina, would media coverage have been favorable or not? See? The President didn't cause the disaster, he followed protocol and waited on a black mayor and a female governor = neither of whom could find their backside with both hands - to ask for help before stepping in, and the narrative became his uselessness.

In the same way, I feel free to have a go at The Won.

You obviously feel somewhat differently about the issue. Which is sad, because you're supporting an abject failure who's pushing socialism, an abject failure of an ideology.

He will go down as one of our worst Presidents.
Fuck politics - follow your convictions.

Your psychological urge to prejudge Obama 1.5 years into the presidency, is because the world knows, and deep down you know, that Bush was the worst President in our history!

You just have to look at the economy when Bush came in and when he left.
Forgive me if I fail to take direction from a foul-fingered anonymous troll.

I'm not prejudging the President at all. After his abandonment of the state of Tennessee (wracked by flooding); his betrayal of the Georgians; his pulling the rug out from under the Poles and Czechs; his dragging and cold response to the Gulf blowout; and his insults to the U.K., the GOP, the Supreme Court, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Dalai Lama; his lawsuit against Arizon; his failure to protect the boirder; his nationalization of everything he lays eyes on; all I can do is hope Republicans can put a halt on him by the end of the year. He is that bad.

As for the economy, well, it was killed by Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, and it's going to stay dead until we get rid of FNMA, FHMC, and all of Obama's socializing urges.
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