Tuesday, June 01, 2010

So, over the weekend, Israel stopped a Turkish-backed flotilla from breaking its embargo of Gaza. As of today, it appears nine people in the flotilla were killed.

The usual suspects are all over this, condemning Israel. What everyone is missing (well, in public, at least), is that Israel has just taken the gloves off and sent a message to the Muslim world: It's ready to fight.

Nobody is talking about Israel's announcement that it has three submarines off the coast of Iran. Three submarines carrying cruise missiles with nuclear warheads.

Also, nobody is talking about how the Turkish government is now Islamist, and is *inside NATO*. The Turkish government has thrown in with Iran, is now an enemy, and is an enemy withint the gates.

The Won, King Barack Hussein Obama Canute, reducer of oceans, healer of planets, by publicly showing disdain for Israel, has given aid and comfort to Israel's enemies, and encouraged them to bare their fangs. Israel has responded by picking a time and place to make a violent statement.

The more The Won separates himself from Israel, the more Israel is faced with an existential crisis.

War is coming.

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