Friday, May 14, 2010

Here in Atlanta we have a high-profile illegal immigrant story playing out.

I heard the Mexican Consul on the radio this morning. In broken English, and with a thick accent, he remarked that it's a pity the young lady involved is having her education interrupted. Nothing about her being an illegal alien. Just sad her education's being interrupted. Oh, and God forbid Mexico send a Consul who can actually speak the local language. Of course, it may well be that in Mexican minds, the Republica del Norte extends to Georgia.

Kennesaw State University, which the illegal immigrant was paying in-state tuition rates to attend, will now be charging her out-of-state rates. Ya think?!?!?!!!!

Our immigration folks don't want to deport her because she's not a "criminal alien", despite, you know, breaking US law to be here, and then breaking another law by giving a false address to police after being stopped for a traffic violation.

And, of course, the usual collection of hysterics has gathered in order to help keep this illegal alien in the country.

This is a real tear-jerker of a story, but the fact is that this young woman was brought to the US as an illegal alien at age 10 and has been sponging off the US taxpayer ever since, up to getting a university education at a well-regarded institution. If any blame attached to anyone, it's to whoever brought her here. I want the US-Mexican border sealed, so we have fewer and fewer of these sorts of stories.

UPDATE: Despite all his huffing and puffing about Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law, the Attorney General of the United States admits he hasn't actually read the law. The guy maligned a state law as raising profound constitutional questions, implied that the lawmakers who drafted it acted with racist intent, and directed a Justice Department review, without having actually read the law.

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