Friday, February 26, 2010

So, that health care summit yesterday. Well!

Hysteric of the day had to be Tom Harkin. Dear Lord. Actually, the Democrats in general. All they had was sob story after sob story, culminating in the bit about the second-hand dentures. They had no substantive policy proposals, just a litany of fail, in an attempt to make Republicans look like ogres. They can't win on logic, only on emotional appeal. And really, isn't that all of liberalism, summed up? The Won, naturally, listened intently.

Adults of the day: The entire Republican delegation. They came off as bright-eyed, bushy-tailed, and informed. Just listening to Eric Cantor reading off chapter and verse of the evil that is the Senate plan made the wait worthwhile. The Won, naturally, interrupted, calling the Senate bill a "political prop".

Empty suit of the day: The Won, who showed himself, yet again, to be the least-informed, most-childish person in the room. I think he actually flipped the bird at a couple of Republicans, in that passive-aggressive way of his. That, when he wasn't clenching his jaw and shooting daggers from his eyes. He lost big on this one. He looks arrogant, unable to take criticism, inclined to hissy-fits, completely spoiled. Dear God! Americans elected this as the chief executive of the country. Definitely an argument for raising the voting age to 30, and limiting the franchise to net taxpayers.

So, what next? I think Harry Reid, moron that he is, will pursue a budget reconciliation strategy for ramming this through the US Senate. That, at least, was his parting shot yesterday. Health care, and Senate skullduggery, will be in the news for *months*. And even if the Senate does force something through, it'll likely die in the House. This means we'll have an electorate motivated to fire just about every Democrat up for re-election, for no gain in The Won's socialist agenda. Come January 2011, The Won will be politically neutered, and the Republic can sail on, financially wounded by the Democrat party's recent deficits, but having dodged a large socialist bullet.


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