Saturday, January 16, 2010

If Scott Brown wins on Tuesday, will that mean Massachusetts has become a red state?

I hope he succeeds. Ted Kennedy buried and a Republican dancing on his grave. How...delicious.

You know, the Democrats might have held this seat, had Kennedy not kept his hands tightly on the levers of power, right up to his death. If he hadn't been such a power-hungry fool, he'd have resigned when his brain tumor went terminal, and given Massachusetts Democrats plenty of time to steal the seat. Instead, well, it looks like the Democrats will have to do an awful lot of thieving to keep it. And at this sort of thieving, they're a bit out of practice, not having had to steal this seat since, what, 1962?

If Brown does win, it'll be a good thing for Massachusetts. Coakley is noting more than a moronic party hack with a hankering for limelight.

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