Thursday, June 18, 2009

So, when the Criminal in Chief mass fires Inspectors General in order to protect political allies, well, that's ok.

Certainly it's fine by the legacy media, in scuba gear at the bottom of the tank.

I mean, do you remember the mass hysteria over the last President's firing of eight Attorneys General?

Oh. Right. The One Who Has Been Promised Us At This Time. The Lightworker. Chimpy Bushitler MacHalliburton and his Smirky Rodeo Ride through History.

I can't wait for ABC's infomercial heated debate from the Blue Room at the White House about the Criminal in Chief's grab for our oxygen.

(And by "our," I mean people not in the tank for The One, who'll have to file 14th Amendment lawsuits to have access to oxygen while in hospital. Ask any Republican Chrysler or GM dealer.)

Hmmm. I'm starting to enjoy the form of left-wing ad-hominemism.

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