Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pimping your ride, Government style!

Money bit:
Scott is gonna be stoked when he sees the complete makeover we're giving his old junker. As you can read here on the build specs, I have demanded that it will get 80 miles per gallon with zero emissions, and survive a 300 mile per hour head on collision with an Amtrak locomotive. It will also fly, and create and/or save 20 million jobs. And restore America's standing in the world.

80 miles per gallon?

Oops, my mistake. A quick zero, and... voila! 800 miles per gallon.

Sounds great, but doesn't that violate the laws of physics?

I vetoed that law. Look, I'm not a detail man, I'm leaving that up to the shop crew to figure out.
There really are times the Criminal in Chief seems to be issuing nonsensical orders from the Fuhrerbunker.

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