Thursday, January 08, 2009

I'm tired of Palestinians. I'm tired of Arabs in general.

I'm not sure what they've contributed to the modern world, but it mostly seems to be numerals from India, and keeping assorted Greek and Roman documents dry until the actual civilized world could make use of them. Thanks very much, Arab world.

Since about, what, 1500, the Arab world has been surplus, right? Apart from the oil they happen to have been shitting on, what have they been contributing to the world? Right. Nothing. Oh! Suicide bombers. That Atta guy. Destroy. Entropy.

And the Palestinians have been contributing less than that. They're simply the Arab expression of entropy. And when your purpose in life is to be entropy's expression of entropy, well, you're fucked.

Consider the Arab world. On the one hand you have Brezhnevite-style single-party kleptocracies like Egypt or Jordan, or you have out-and-out autocracies like Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, etc.

Quick question: When did you last turn over a product of some sort and see "Made in Iran?" Right. Never.

I know actual Muslims living in America. Taken as individuals they are charming, smart, great people to know. Outside America, taken en masse, they are psychotic lunatics, dedicated to destroying the orderly world that surrounds us.

I just finished watching a show about Australia. In that show there was a description of the dingo fence. Look it up.

Because I think we need a Muslim fence.

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