Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I dropped in to my local cash-only Chinese take-out this evening on the way home from work. I noticed as I was paying that my payment was entered on two cash registers. I suspect one is for the real set of books, and the other for the collection of drooling free-spending halfwits we call "The Gu’mint."

(BTW, a Russian friend of mine tells me the English word “Governor” sounds to Russians like the Russian word “guvno,” which means “shit.” I like that.)

This fits with my experiences on Buford Highway, Inside The Perimeter (ITP). ITP between I-285 and Lenox Road, it’s mostly Asian businesses. At my favorite place to eat out, a Malay restaurant, they'll take MasterCard, but almost everyone pays in cash. Despite the recent economic unpleasantness, it’s mobbed every time I go. Hell, the whole strip mall is mobbed. It’s the standard one-strip-mall-fits-all place: insurance, supermarkets, doctor, chiropractor, needle guy, dentist, video store, pho, Malay chow, etc. No downturn here, let me tell you. These people operate in cash, and they have lots of it. I think the HGWIC at the Malay place is an Irish immigrant though, being Irish myself, I’m too well-mannered and reticent to ask his background. In my Asian neighborhood, I fit right in.

Anyway, it looks to me like there’s a whole other cash-based economy springing up, in almost full view, that pays no heed to our Imperial Federal/State Overlords.

And I welcome it.

Reckon I need to learn me some Mandarin.

BTW, all prospective California immigrants to Georgia, the Atlanta outside air temperature tonight is supposed to get down to 13 degrees Fahrenheit, and I expect it will do just that. Not only is “Global Warming” a fake, the U.S. Southeast is a leader in the coming “Global Freeze.” Stop in Arizona a time. Or in Texas if you’re so inclined. I’d advise not passing Nacogdoches. The people beyond adhere to a collection of laws passed by a French midget (”littler person” to y’all). In that state, you’re guilty until proven innocent, or some such, it’s all upside down there, though they do make good alligator tail sausage, I ga-ron-tee!

OK. I’ll stop now, and move away from the keyboard.

Y’all don’t come down here, y’hear?

What a pleasant story you tell and it may well save my current contract. In the midst of going surely completely mad trying to get js prototype event/observer working in facelets I, thankfully, decided to catch up on your blog. Also giving me ideas on how to get more cash things into my business expenses...
Happy to help.
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