Friday, January 09, 2009

Details of the death of a nasty little man.

Money quote:
One of Rayyan's daughter-in-laws said she was offered the chance to die with the family. She stopped by the family's large home in Jabaliya and was asked by Rayyan if she wished to die with him, his wives and their children. She agreed to die, but later left the building, shortly before the IAF strike.

As it turned out, when Rayyan offered his daughter-in-law the "opportunity" to die he had already received a phone call from the IDF warning him to evacuate his house due to an impending airstrike.

Got that? The IDF telephoned the guy to warn him to evacuate, yet he decided to stay put, and keep his family with him, to die.

I'm not sure such people are open to negotiations, or to peace processes, despite the bleatings of this credulous fool.

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