Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama's fund-raising. Nice.

I can see how a partisan Democrat could view this with equanimity. After all, his guy's about to win and illegality be damned. An American had better have a different reaction. Otherwise the Republic is screwed, and sooner rather than later.

So listen, Democrats: Enjoy your victory. Just remember: lawbreakers are not choosy.

The laws Obama is breaking now, they're a sort of canary in the coal mine. Wait 'til he has a DoJ at his bidding. And a compliant congress. And the mob. Wait 'til Ayers and Wright emerge after the election, baying for blood.

UPDATE: I'm strting a new campaign. From now on, when I feel the need to say "That's stupid!", I'll say "That's Democrat!".

This is wildly entertaining. The world has come full circle. Now the neocons are the crazies with the conspiracy theories of stolen elections.

It's the antithesis of this:


That's just, well, that's just Democrat.

Mmm. Like it.

"Don't blame me, I voted for Barr!"
Oh, and BTW, I direct you to a YouTube bit up above, where an Obama voter comments about having voted a couple of times.

I mean, if your interested in teh Republican strategy going forward.
Wait one! I'm a neocon? Crazy? Conspiracy theorist?

Damn. I thought I was just observing stuff the legacy media (wholly-owned propaganda arm of the Democrat Party) refused to see.

So, you know, difference in terms.

You being ignorant, wrong, and evil, obviously.
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