Friday, November 28, 2008

I see The Religion of Pieces (tm) is having a go at Mumbai, killing Jews, Hindus, etc., with the sort of ferocity we've come to expect.

There are about a billion Muslims. They're currently having a go at two billion Hindus, a billion Christians, and a couple of billion atheists and animists. Oh, and a few million Jews. That's five-to-one odds, among other things.

The Dar al-Islam may want to be a bit more careful about its Dar al-Harb.

There's no doubt in my mind that Pakistan after Musharraf is playing Arafat's game: proclaim in English your love for peace, stability, and progress; proclaim in Urdu your support for killing all infidels. With that in mind, please consider that Pakistan has nukes. Oh, and enjoys playing silly buggers over Kashmir. Speaking of which, I caught a BBC interview today where the BBC guy basically accused an Indian government official of causing the outrage in Mumbai because India refuses to turn turtle on Pakistani demands for Kashmir. Jesus! Just listening to that BBC prick, with all his plummy accent and attitude, I wanted to reach through the radio and strangle him.

UPDATE: Any chance some TSA flunkies could be deployed around power stations, major bridges, electric sub-stations, etc? Does anyone doubt that terrorists could land on American soil, just as they did in India?

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