Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I guess it's easy to get elected when you've got almost no record, the record you have is obscured, and people are getting their information from Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report.

I can't shake that niggling feeling that the press has not served the Republic well.

Not only has the press not served us well... when the teachers from k-12 through grad school are pretty much all moderate to hard leftists it's pretty hopeless.

I'm entering the state of abusing and using the upcoming socialism and abandoning my free market, constitutional belief system (it's a survival of the fittest kinda thang). It was a nice dream for its 300 years but it's dead. Ignorance in the people, the media, and the marxist teachers/professors has kinda ruined it. I'm tired of being considered or outright called an *ism.
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