Sunday, November 02, 2008

A couple of my colleagues recently commented that Sarah Palin believes dinosaurs walked the earth with men. They heard it from some such reliable source as Jon Stewart, I suppose. In any event, I reacted with shocked disbelief.

I decided to google about for the truth, google apparently being an unassailable barrier for Democrats and members of the legacy media. The story appears not to be true.

Oh, and I didn't invent the magical search phrase to uncover the truth. "Sarah Palin dinosaurs" on google brings up the truth as the first link. This probably means Republicans control Google, I guess. Let me google that....

My God. People now depend on Matt Damon for the information behind their voting decisions. Nay, their actual humorous sallies.

Matt Damon?!?!?!!! Can that guy chew gum and negotiate an open door at the same time? Reliable political commentator?

Poor credulous fools.

They'll get the Obama they deserve, good and hard, I'm afraid.

If they will indulge such stupidities in a green tree, what will be done in the dry?

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