Saturday, October 25, 2008

My election night prediction.

Though, truth be told, Indiana and Ohio are iffy.

You have seen the recent state-by-state polls, right?

Here's how it looks today:


Here's how the polls looked at this same day in 2004:


State-by-state electoral polls have been fairly accurate in the past. If you assume a "worst case scenario" for Barack Obama, and he only gets the "strong Obama" states, (over 10% lead) he still has over 300 electoral votes.

I'm guessing the final result will be somewhere around 300 to 230.
Hey man, that's just your opinion, or something.

Besides, you trust opinion polls when the legacy media is so in the tank for Obama?
I'm just hoping this country recovers its sense before electing a radical socialist as the leader of the (soon to be in concentration camps) free world.

Still, every dog must have its day, and I guess its tiom for Democrats to reprise 1976 - 1980.

Except, you know, with a President who has a fascist sense for dealing with disagreement.
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