Sunday, September 28, 2008

Did Obama really release an ad. showing McCain as the winner, and giving no reason to vote for, well, Obama? Mind-boggling. What a fool.

Of course, now that Obama has started forming his own law enforcement goon squads, I guess he can do whatever the hell he wants. Come election day, I expect I'll find DeKalb's finest at the polling place, summarikly ejecting all non-Democrats. I mean, how dare anyone vote against The One?

I know he's promising change, but I dodn't think he was planning on a fascist state. Steill, he's a radical leftist, in the Saul Alinsky mode, so what can you expect?

What a complete fascist. And fool For every critic he silences with this heavy-handed, brownshirt tactic, he'll create ten more.

Is it just me, or this popinjay beginning to resemble a latter-day Nixon?

The thought of John McCain being president is scary enough reason to vote for Obama.
Huh. Really?

So, tel me, oh sphinx, what wiould be so bad about a McCain administration?

BONUS POINTS: What colors would be woven into the faerie wing colors of Obama Administration butterflies?

UPDATE: American blood red on Hamas yellow. FOR THE IRONY!!!!!!
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