Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain picking Palin was genius in ways I cannot begin to count. I think this just has to confirm the Democrat belief that Republicans are Evil Geniuses (tm).

I predict McCain in a landslide this November, and Obama consigned to scrapheap of history.

Tell? Biden runs for US Senate (if he's up this year) seat while still running for US VP. You know, like Liebermann.

This election season is already one for the history books, and it will only get better. I say here my morning prayer: "Thank you God for making me an American."

Obviously neither you nor the entire McCain staff did any vetting. I think you guys were having wet dreams thinking of her and got the process and experience confused.

This guy can’t even get the process of selecting one partner right and he is going to select an entire staff and run the whole country! Fucking Fumbling Fool!

You better start looking for a new VP candidate. While you are at it start looking for a new P candidate!
Well, we'll just have to let time tell.

In the spirit of your comment, however, let me just remark that the Democrat nominee for President appears to be all about Dominatrices and Daddy Figures.

His mother was a communist who hated America, and his wife, well, she spoke for herself when, her eyes hooded with rage, she declared that with Obama's nomination, she could finally feel proud of America. A Princeton graduate earning more than $300,00 per year. Finally proud of America.

Two raging dominatrices. Poor man, no wonder he has issues.

Obama, given his choice for VP, went with the Daddy Figure: Joe Biden. In that moment, he declared to the world that he was in no way his own man, more an empty vessel to be filled with the hopes and dreams of his followers, but with an adult at home to provide supervision if things went over the top.

Joe "Smilin' Barracuda" Biden. Now there's a piece of work. Been in the Congress how long? Considered for how many leadership positions? He hit his nadir in the Clarence Thomas hearings, and kept digging.

Which leads me to understand the rage against Palin: she's a woman, but not an "authentic" woman, where "authentic" means she doesn't bow to NOW, or the usual Democrat tropes. In the same way, Clarence Thomas is black, but not authentically black.

Democrats: open-minded, as long as you believe the way they do. What a parochial lot.

It'll be a McCain/Palin landslide, I believe.
By the way, your comment brings to mind these lines from Alexander Pope's "The Rape of the Lock":

(Sir Plume, of amber snuff-box justly vain,
And the nice conduct of a clouded cane)
With earnest eyes, and round unthinking face,
He first the snuffbox open'd, then the case,
And thus broke out--"My Lord, why, what the devil?
Z{-}{-}{-}ds! damn the lock! 'fore Gad, you must be civil!
Plague on't! 'tis past a jest--nay prithee, pox!
Give her the hair"--he spoke, and rapp'd his box.

"It grieves me much," replied the peer again,
"Who speaks so well should ever speak in vain.

Your witless maunderings deserve much the same response.
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