Friday, August 22, 2008

Global Warming! I mean Climate Change!

"The principal reason is La Nina, part of the natural cycle that also includes El Nino, which cools the globe.

Even so, 2008 is set to be about the 10th warmest year since 1850, and Met Office scientists say temperatures will rise again as La Nina conditions ease."
So...humanity is controlling El Nino? El Nina?
Sorry, "La" Nina. Can't believe I wrote that. What with all those years of Latin and French.
Oh, and BTW, 1850 sounds suspiciously like the point where scientists might have actually started gathering data.

So, what's the distribution of warm years? One every sixteen? All the warmest years have happened since 1950? And what about warm years prior to 1850?

My point being that this article reads an awful lot like an excuse.
As I'm sure you know, the majority of the hottest years we've had have all been within the last 15 years:


To be honest, from your original post and your comments it's still not clear what exactly your point is.
That last post covers a very small part of the existence of the earth.

I seem to remember reading somewhere that back in the 1300s, the earth was warm enough that there were vineyards in southern England.

Then in the 1600s there was a miniature ice age.
Oh, and me, I'm just here for the fun.

And the incoherence.

Oh, and to twit Russell Beattie who, poor boy, gets to rant ineffectively at the Olympics and Rethuglicans every four years. I mean, have you ever read his rage over Atlanta? Kerry? Oy!

And, of course, to point out that this whole global warming thing blows hot and cold about every 30 years. I know: Back in the 1970's we were going to run out of fossil fuel and freeze to death. Today we're using too much fossil fuel and are going to (boil?) (freeze?) to death.
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