Sunday, June 08, 2008

You know the old joke—usually ascribed to Prince Schwarzenberg, prime minister of Austria in the 1850s—about the diplomat who hears that some cunning antagonist has died. “Hmmm. I wonder what he meant by that.”

I'm still noodling about Hillary's repetition of "And that is why we must elect Barack Obama our President!" What did she mean by that.

Certainly, it indicates a desire to see Obama be President, but what's the larger message? Because, believe me, there is a larger message.

Hill's actions of late have the feel of a judo move: Get out of the way of a charging opponent just enough to use that opponent's rush as part of a take-down.

Bill and Hill put a lot of their cronies into positions of power within the Democrat party apparatus. Those cronies risk losing their positions now that Bill's not President and Hill's not a candidate. The Clinton's want to keep the Democrat party as their creature. Maybe their grand strategy for now is to let Obama have the candidacy, but with the understanding that he has it at Bill and Hill's sufferance, that he'll only win with their support, and that the Democrat party apparatus is still theirs, regardless of how much the legacy media loves Obama.

Whatever, you can be sure that the repeated phrase held a larger message.

Obama would do well to remember that when you set out to kill the king, you'd better succeed.

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