Sunday, June 08, 2008

Oh Lord:
Honestly, reading it gives me a palpable sense of relief that there will be someone running this country who actually has a brain and a real benevolent moral compass.

Obama's the product of Chicago machine politics. Wright, anybody? Rezko, anybody?

He sat through decades of racist rants, and took sweetheart deals from a convicted felon - that we know about. He's earmarked US Imperial Federal Government funds for campaign contributors.

But, you know, benevolent moral compass, etc.

Pity he's going to lose. We'll have to deal with at least four years of McCain Derangement Syndrome. And to be honest, I'm becoming a bit tired of the immature rants from the children who constitute America's left.

Oh well.

There are moments when I pray for Obama to get elected. Why? Because he'd not be able to deliver on his Messianic plans, and the Left, ravening beast that it is, would turn on him and eat him alive. I'd pay to watch that.

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