Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm afraid this denial is completely unbelievable.

Obama sought out this church, got married there, had his children christened there. He listened to this hateful anti-American shit for two decades.

Barack Hussein Obama is obviously a Hate America First Democrat. Which is, unfortunately, the default position of too many Democrats.

Of course, if he is elected President, he'll probably raise our approval ratings, overseas. While he puts the humane killer to our heads, I suppose. (Sorry, I just finished watching "No Country for Old Men.")

UPDATE: Quick question: Is this what blacks are listening to every Sunday? Is this what Obama feeds his daughters? Is this what he and his wife like to listen to? If so, well, Jeezus!

Obama is not fit to be President.

It would be nice if you at least made a feeble attempt to validate the type of vitriolic rubbish that you spew on this blog.

Barack Obama hates America? I'm sure your target audience of amoebic, neoconservative, sheep believe this because after all, his middle name IS Hussein. But your claim is completely unsubstantiated.

The man has taken every opportunity to remark at how spectacular America is that he, a son of a Kenyan farmer could even have a remote possibility at becoming the president. Find me a politician who has spent more time gushing over how great this country is.

So please, do yourself a favor and criticize his foreign policy, his health care, or even his outspoken ex-pastor. You are only making yourself look like a partisan hack by making groundless statements.
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