Monday, January 21, 2008

The New York Times, following a standard left-wing trope, recently published an article claiming that soldiers deployed to Iraq were much more likely to be involved in violent crimes once they returned home.

Turns out the article was completely wrong. Vets are actually much less likely to be involved in crime.

Iowahawk, blog-God that he is, has published the perfect response.

That may be because the vets may be busy commiting suicide! Would you disagree that the vet suicide rate is double than civilians? This stat is from the government's NIMH.

Well shit, I'll agree on the suicide rates. Hell, I'll see you, and up you by saying that if you don't have a drinking problem going into the military, you'll have one coming out.

Point is, the NYT tried to claim vets are more likely to be violent to *others*, rather than themselves.

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